A rejoinder to Arvind Kejriwal on his 17 questions to Narendra Modi

Now a days, it’s difficult to ignore Mr. Arvind Kejriwal as he is all over the news channels, newspapers and social media. I happened to read the 17 questions which he asked Mr. Narendra Modi and argued that his claims of development are nothing but a farce. Frankly, a person who couldn’t run a government for 49 days questions a CM who is in power for 13 years seems more farcical though. Khair!

As a young voter of this country, I see Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister and would definitely want him to be one. So, I try to answer the questions to the best of my ability as a ‘Aam Aadmi’.

Q1. Why does your government buy solar power at Rs 13 per unit? Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka are buying it at Rs 7.50 and Rs 5 per unit, respectively?

A1. Gujarat is the pioneer Indian state in solar energy. When they started, the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd had signed 88 agreements to buy 971.5 Mw of solar power for 25 years at a blended price of Rs 12.54 a unit. It’s a DAMN AGREEMENT! Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam is pushing for a 25 per cent rate cut from what was agreed in the original power purchase agreements. You should also know, that Gujarat is NOT Madhya Pradesh. The land prices have shot up in the last few years and hence the investors are demanding higher rates. This is plain business. Thought being born into a Bania family, I am sure you would understand.

Also, the prices are fixed by the regulators and NOT by the government.  In this case Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) just like prices in Delhi are fixed by DERC.

Gujarat wants solar power tariff reduced

Q2. You claim 11% agriculture growth in state while your government’s data says production has shrunk at 1.18% annually and revenue declined from Rs 27,815 crore in 2006-07 to Rs 25,908 crore in 2012-13. Why?

A2. I thought you would have done some reading on this Mr. Kejriwal before raising the question. Narendra Modi’s claim of 11% growth is echoed by the ASSOCHAM report (2011) which says that Gujarat recorded the highest decadal growth from 2001-2010; the time Modi took over as CM. So, for heaven’s sake, read this:

Gujarat records highest decadal agricultural growth rate of 10.97%

Also, the Gujarat government was presented the Krishi Karman Commendation Award for higher production of food grains in 2013. Of course you will say that all these are corrupt institutions and awards are bought by Modi.

A decade of agricultural revolution

As far as the decline in production you point out, what’s the big deal in that? In a year there might be several reasons ranging from low rainfall, high rainfall, pest attack etc. that can affect the agricultural production. The production might increase in one year and can decrease in another. Understood? Of course, Yes. You are an IITian!


Q3. In the past 10 years, two-thirds of all SMEs have shut down in Gujarat, especially in your home town Mehsana where 140 units out of 187 died away. Do you want to concentrate all power in the hands of a few big industrial houses?

A3.  ‘Humne suna hai’ – Seriously Mr. Kejriwal? You must have heard some awesome things about Gujarat also, why not believe them too? Reminded of this popular saying in Hindi ‘Hawa mein Teer Chodna’. You “found out” that 140 off industrial units had closed down. Proof? Anything that supports your claim? If yes, we will talk.

Q4.  You claim to have eradicated corruption in Gujarat. People here claim that up to Rs 10 lakh bribe is demanded for appointment of a ‘talati’ (revenue official).

A4. I will make you meet people in towns and villages who say Arvind Kejriwal is stupid. Will you believe them?

On a serious note, LET’S BE REAL Mr. Kejriwal. There are thousands of employees who work for any state government and it would be indeed foolish to believe that all of them would be honest and won’t take any bribe or gifts. If some of them do, then it is for the people to report the issue to the authorities. Did they report? Of course you didn’t ask them. Did you? If they reported and still no action was taken, then you blame the government.

Q5. Your ministry has people like Babu Bokhiria, convicted for three years in a mining case, and Purshottam Solanki, accused in a Rs 450 crore fishing scandal. Why?

A5. Your minister Somnath Bharti is racist who told women from another country to pee in public and Kumar Vishwas is a male chauvinist who calls the nurses from Kerala ‘Kaali-Peeli’. Couldn’t you find sane-thinking people for your ministry among 9.8 million Delhiites?

Coming to the question, the ministers you mentioned are “accused” and as far as I know being an accused is not the same as being guilty. So, let the law take its own course. If the charges are proven, they will be expelled.

Q6. Why have you inducted in your cabinet a minister who is the son-in-law of the Ambani family?

A6. Is there a law that prohibits induction of a minister who is a relative of any businessman? To my knowledge, NO!

Q7. About 13 lakh people applied for 1,500 posts of ‘talati’ recently. How can you claim to have solved the problem of unemployment?

 A7. Err… when did Mr. Modi “claim” that there is NO unemployment in Gujarat? I am told you can find everything on Google, so I did try to search but couldn’t find any such statement. Even the most developed nations suffer from unemployment and it would be idiotic to even expect that a state government can solve the problem of unemployment completely!

Also, there are thousands of people who apply for government post every year but how on earth is this a measure of unemployability? I have a job but if I apply for a government job, then according to you I am unemployed. Don’t you think it’s a VERY BAD measure to analyze the unemployment rate? Meanwhile, you can read this report which says Gujarat has the lowest urban unemployment rate in India.

Gujarat records lowest urban unemployment rate in India

Q8. Why is your government exploiting young graduates by paying them only Rs 5,300 per month for five years on contract basis?

A8. You say why would any ‘educated & self-respected’ individual work for Rs. 5,300. There are lakhs of youths in Indian states who are educated and yet are out of jobs. Sitting at home without job hurts the self-respect most and many even end up their lives.

Whereas, here the Gujarat government is providing the people employment. Is Rs. 5,300 less? Yes; for you and me. But for a person who is sitting idle at home and has the burden of running a family, it is not less. Also, I happen to be a Human Resources professional and whatever little Labor Law I have read, the Gujarat government is no where at fault and is not flouting any of the labor laws laid in the country.

Q9. The state of government schools can be gauged by the fact that only three teachers teach 600 students at some places. What is your comment?

A9. Dear Arvind Kejriwal, before I answer the question let me just throw light on few of the achievements of Gujarat government in education. The concept of ‘smart classrooms’ which is often heard in city schools has made its way to the smallest of villages in Gujarat. The Vataman village of Ahmedabad district & the Ajab village of Junagadh district  are live examples where students get to learn through computers and other audio-visual aids. The Punsari village has schools with CCTV Cameras, 24 hour Wi-Fi and solar powered lamps.

With such education system, the country can surely progress. No?

As far as your claims of “finding” colleges with 3 teachers, why don’t you name the colleges? Where are they located? Why don’t you support your claims with proof?

Q10. Medical and health services in Gujarat are in a shambles and in grip of corruption.

A10. In just four days, you came to the conclusion that health care services are crippled in the “entire” state. You can give these superheroes a run for their money yaar!

Coming to the question, again you just vomit out some statements which are not supported by facts or figures. But I will give you facts about the efforts taken by Gujarat government towards improving the health care facilities.

Gujarat government rolls out healthcare scheme for poor

Healthcare boom in Gujarat

Q11. At least 800 farmers have committed suicide in Gujarat in recent years as the government has stopped subsidies and not paying support prices. What is your reaction?

A11. Again, you just throw figures without quoting any credible source. Though I don’t deny that farmer suicides have occurred in Gujarat like all other states but I have a problem with you blaming the Gujarat government for it.

While replying to an RTI application, the Gujarat government stated that between January 1, 2008 and August 20, 2012, 115 farmers had committed suicide. And most of them had ended their lives because of growing debts caused by crop failure. 115 deaths in the last few years and you say 800. WOW!

By the way, read this How did Gujarat Become a Farming Paradise?

 Four lakh farmers are waiting for years to get electricity connection. How can you claim 24×7 electricity availability? 

A12. 4 Lakh farmers without electricity. WOAH! That’s news to me. So, in four days you visited the villages in Gujarat and even got a count of farmers who don’t have electricity? Nice. Why don’t you name these villages?
While you continue to nit-pick, read this story about the scientists in Gujarat working on a novel concept of providing electricity to villagers

Power to farmers: Gujarat scientists float novel concept

Q13.Farmers have not been paid adequately for acquisition of their land for industry while the Ambanis and Adanis have got it for just one rupee per square meter. Some farmers have not been paid any compensation at all.

A13. May be you didn’t know or may be you chose to ignore but  the Gujarat government in 2011 revised its compensation figures and introduced a new ‘jantri rate’. which gave the farmers much higher compensation whose land was being acquired. Farmers whose land was specifically acquired for the Narmada canal network benefitted from it. The new janri was three times the old one and the farmers received a 30% hike in the prices. Where is the injustice?

Q14. Despite raising the Sardar Sarovar dam’s height in 2005, the Kutch people have not been provided water but industries have been. Why?  

A14. Oh dude! An NGO (AAPke bhai-bandhu) raised this issue few years back and the SUpreme Court REJECTED the plea to increase the quotas of water for Kutch region. You love anarchy and I am sure you will now brand the Supreme Court corrupt but sadly we respect the law of the land.

Supreme Court rejects plea for more Narmada water to Kutch

 Despite assuring Punjab that the Sikh farmers of Kutch will not be deprived of land allotted to them, the Gujarat Government has not withdrawn court cases. Why?

A15. Narendra Modi “assured” that no Sikh farmer will leave Gujarat; he did not assure that their land will be given back. Last I read, farms of 52 farmers have been defreezed and rest cannot be defreezed as they are not farmers or Santhani land-holders as per official records.

As the matter is subjudice, why do you want the government to withdraw the case? What if they win? Will you still hold the same opinion? Why not wait for the judgement?

 How many aircraft and helicopters do you have? And who owns these? How much do you pay or someone else pays? Why don’t you make public these air expenses?

A16. I would have loved had you asked the same question to all the Chief Ministers but you seem to have a personal grudge against Modi. Next, you will ask him how many underwear you have? Jockey or VIP?

A person who overstays in the government bungalow even after resigning as the Chief Minister, gives his ministers brand new Toyota cars, takes a Religare private jet sponsored by India Today doesn’t deserve an answer on this.

Q17.  If you become the PM, will you raise the price of the KG Basin gas, which has already been doubled by the UPA government to $8 per unit?

A17. Hypothetical Question. Yawn! Why should he talk about his policies even before he has become the Prime Minister.  One thing is for sure but that it won’t be and should not be free like the water in Delhi.

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    • Well, do you expect the Chief Minister to proof-read the books used in his state schools? There is an education department at place and it is surely a lapse at their end. The good part is that the government took immediate action to rectify the mistake and the text in books have been corrected.

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      • Definitely not but then we don’t expect the CM to build factories as well with his own hand or for that matter roads. So when you claim credit for those, you also attract brickbats for these. How difficult is that to understand?


      • yes…since he has all the time in the world to use the gujarat state police machinery to stalk a young woman…yes….since he has all the time to make election partnerships with diversive forces like the shiv sena and raj tackeray whose only claim to fame is blowing up things and beating up people…yes because the aam admi entrants have a much higher iQ that the sychophants in his party thought they get foot in mouth disease


      • @right reverie
        Dear Sir,
        Please check your facts and logical consistency, if you by any chance happen to understand what that is.
        Also get a life.
        Oh and I almost forgot..
        F*ck you
        Aam aadmi


      • 8 question of kejriwal are not given proper answer or blamed back
        I agree kejriwal is 100% right about vikas in gujrat but most of his question are relevant. Now why these question to modi only why not to other chief minister this is stupid to ask? WHO IS LIKELY PM OF INDIA? WHO HAS WAVE IN INDIA ? WHO IS THE ONE NEVER APOLOZISE FOR HIS WRONG DONE? WHO IS DOING BIG RALLIES AND NEVER SEE PUBLIC OR MEDIA ? WHO IS MAKING CONGRESS FREE BHARAT? OF COURSE EVERY QUESTION HAS ONE ANSWER MODI. THEN QUESTIONS TO HIM BATTLE WITH HIM NOBODY ELSE


    • Well, Khan saab apne apne convenience k hisaab se cheezo ko nahi dekha kartey… please article pura padho.. usme ye bhi likha hai.

      Times View

      Unlike some other state governments which are chauvinists, Gujarat under Narendra Modi has always encouraged children to learn English. Lakhs of parents, who themselves studied in Gujarati medium, are now sending their children to English-medium schools. The blunders in English textbooks expose the fact that quality checks haven’t been effected. Therefore, the corrective action is welcome.

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      • Yeah but not of the Government variety,highly priced private ones.Did many of you know that in many developed nations including the US, education till High School is largely in public hands and parents are not forced to pay through their noses just to get their Kids basic education?


      • This is reply to Anupam Patak: Mr Pathak, you claim that eduction in US public schools are free (well,you mentioned that parents are not forced to pay through their noses… can be equated to the same thing). However, you are wrong. Every land/home owner has to pay what is called property taxes, and a major portion of those taxes goes to the school education for the area covered. The reasoning is simple: you belong to this area, you pay for the schools in this area. In fact, you pay every year, whether you have school going children or not. And it is mandatory to pay, that too a big amount, which various by school area and properly size..


    • Khan Saheb… aap to baccho wali baat kar rahe ho.. Do you think a chief minister of every state proofreads all textbooks before being printed? The govt took corrective actions to rectify the issues immediately. I am sure if this would have happened in Delhi, Kejri would have said… “Modi ne Delhi mein textbooks galat print karvai hai.. “


    • and so much for promoting english …his own education has no sense of history or geography…he keeps putting his own foot in his mouth like george bush jr…another unpaad


    • OK mr Modi shud know what is taught in schools, colleges, universities, space science, astrology, astronomy, ….he should be an expert of all to become a pm…if this is the yard stick no individual can become our pm. Mr Modi has leadership qualities, can offer good governance, smart and courageous foreign policy to offer, so that India as a Nation can proudly regain its due respect in international arena which is lost because of the past governance and can offer people of India good quality of life.

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    • Ohhh Achcha to ab state ka Chief Minister ye decide krega ki children ko kya kya padhaya jaye..
      education department and all the others to bha apni esi tesi karane bethe hai…
      had hai bhai tumhari soch pr, matlb agr gujrat me kutta bhi mra to tum log modi ko hi blame kroge…
      jra apne girewan me jhank kr dekho ki tumne desh ke liye kya kiya hai…
      jitni aajadi and chhut tumhe is desh me hai na utni kisi mushlim desh me bhi nhi hogi..

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  1. I wonder about Kejri’s knowledge base,being an iit-ian.He is worst than a layman who depends on heresay evidence to put questions.And are going to support this ignorant brat to become ur ruler?


  2. Why Indians should vote for Congress??
    I guess this is a season of asking questions and getting attacked, reporting data but not answering questions related with that data, making allegations and not proving them, citing your chest size to prove your PM candidature (this was seriously funny for me), accusing others for lack of experience bit not looking at your own CV, etc. etc.

    Lot of sludge and mud is thrown at each other; so much that it is really difficult to see the clear picture. Just now I read this letter y Chetan in which he answered 16 questions asked to Mr. Modi by Mr. Kejriwal, I really like his all books. After going through all this and analyzing everything only one party came as a proper choice for me which fits the bill and surprisingly its CONGRESS….you don’t believe me, then just check few reasons why I think they are best among all others out there to govern India,

    1. No other, absolutely no other party has this much experience to govern India; no one even comes close to them when experience is concerned. They beat everyone hands down. I have numbers to prove this, anyone can go and check number of years of experience they have to govern India.

    2. They have completed their every term successfully, no matter what; what other proof anyone want to show their ability to govern. This also shows their amazing skill and ability to govern under tough circumstances (coalition politics). I think BJP will be specially very happy about this because last few months they are constantly accusing AAP for its inability to stay in power and lack of experience in governance experience, there cannot be any better choice other than CONGRESS for all these BJP people, I wonder how they missed this.

    3. Promise of corruption free India, like all other parties Congress is also promising a corruption free India. To prove this, there is no current minister in their cabinet who is convicted in any corruption or other criminal charges. And even If people think that there is no difference between BJP and Congress on this front then why not to choose experienced contender, after all experience matters.

    4. Secular and peaceful India, apart from that unfortunate incident of 1984 riots there was not a single major communal riot in Delhi. This is the only riot for which central government was blamed, many top leaders like current PM and Sonia also apologized for this so people should get over this and talk about developmental work of government. No riots in Delhi or other union territories for last so many years also demonstrates that their development agenda has worked very well and people are living peacefully.

    5. Strong economic growth, since opening of economy in 1991 (again by Congress government) India has prospered and is considered as major economic power not only in Asia but in world and for most years after 1991 congress governed the country. So if anyone wants strong economic growth, prospering middle class, vote for congress. Look at the growth of middle class today in India, look at all the development going on in any major city in India. New IIT’s, more money for research all this is indication of vision and planning for strong India.

    6. Youth power, among all probable PM candidates I think Congress’s choice is youngest, so if people want young leader to represent India then again Congress is your choice. They have not declared their PM candidate but I think everyone knows who will become PM if they come in power.

    7. Women empowerment, after all it was Congress regime who gave first women PM and president to India. Women reservation bill is also supported by this party, so in this area also Congress is an inch ahead of all other parties.

    I can list more reasons but I leave it to others to add them in the list (why the hell I should do all the work? I am not even Congress member and they don’t pay me). As far as people complaining that Congress has ruled for too many years and therefore they should go I don’t find any merit in these demands. It is like saying Sachin played cricket for too many years and should retire, why? Just because of his age? As long as people or parties are performing and delivering why should we think of any other options?? Right??
    I guess reasons which I mentioned make very compelling case in favor of Congress in coming elections. Actually I don’t see any drawbacks which are only associated with Congress party, if there are any they are present in all parties so field is leveled there, but please let me know (and pleas be specific) if I have missed anything, we can discuss. In civilized society there is always scope for discussion and debate. Please think about these points which I mentioned here and then take final decision. VOTE FOR CONGRESS if you want experienced governance, economic growth, secular and safe India. No experienced party is promising corruption free India. We all know this, so we will keep that issue aside for now. But if we want to talk about that issue then it changes the whole equation completely, but I know very few are interested in this. So let’s focus on topics of governance and experience which everyone is interested in, in these fields there is no competition for Congress, so think and decide. After all it’s your vote and your choice. Thanks Chetan for helping me in this.

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    • Vinay,

      You have drawn a twisted logic out of Chetan Bhagat’s letter. Our country has suffered too many riots under Congress rule. We were ruled too long by them because we were kept backward for their selfish reason so that we collectively being ill informed would continue to empower them and so they enjoyed the loot. The statistics which I’ve provided below will debunk your argument about Congress being the right choice.
      Recently, India’s most well-known film script-writer Salim Khan (actor Salmaan Khan’s father) has said to a senior journalist in an interview: “Does anyone remember who the chief minister of Maharashtra was during the Mumbai riots which were no less deadly than the Gujarat riots of 2002?

      Does anyone recall the name of the chief minister of UP during Malliana and Meerut riots or that of the Bihar CM when the Bhagalpur or Jamshedpur riots under Congress regimes took place?

      Do we hear names of earlier chief ministers of Gujarat under whose charge, hundreds of riots took place in post-Independence India?

      Does anyone remember who was in-charge of Delhi’s security when
      the 1984 massacre of Sikhs took place in the capital of India?

      How come Narendra Modi has been singled out as the Devil Incarnate as if he personally carried out all the killings during the
      riots of 2002?”

      No speck of doubt about what Salim Khan has said.

      When one says Gujarat’s agriculture growth is 10-11% since whole last decade
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says he made the Asia’s biggest solar plant,
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says Gujarat is the only state in the whole of India to provide 24*7 and 365 days electricity to almost all of its 18,000
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says – World Bank’s statement of 2011 said, Gujarat roads are equivalent to international standards,
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says Gujarat is the first State in country to have “high speed wireless Broadband service in its all 18,000 villages,
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says Forbes Magazine rated Ahmadabad as the fastest
      growing city in India and 3rd in the world,
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says Gujarat Tourism is growing faster than ever before,
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says according to central govt’s Labour Bureau’s report, Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate in country,
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When Narendra Modi is being chosen as the best current Indian leader in
      almost all surveys & polls again and again
      The other says 2002 Riots!

      When one says 2003-2013 are the only 10 straight years in Gujarat history which are totally riot-free,
      The other STILL says 2002 Riots!

      But when we remind them about riots which occurred during Congress and in Communist Party rule :

      Bengal….5,000 to 10,000 dead …CONGRESS RULE.

      Ranchi….200 DEAD……….CONGRESS RULE.

      Ahmedabad…512 DEAD……..CONGRESS RULE.

      Bhiwandi….80 DEAD………….CONGRESS RULE.

      Jamshedpur..125 DEAD……CPIM RULE (COMMUNIST PARTY)

      Moradabad…2,000 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.

      Nellie Assam…..5,000 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE.

      anti-Sikh Delhi…2,733 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE

      Bhiwandi….146 DEAD….CONGRESS RULE

      Gujarat…..300 DEAD..CONGRESS RULE

      Ahmedabad……59 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE

      Meerut….81 DEAD…CONGRESS RULE

      Bhagalpur……1,070 DEAD……CONGRESS RULE

      Hyderabad……300 PLUS DEAD….CONGRESS RULE

      Mumbai….900 TO 2000 DEAD….CONGRESS RULE

      Aligarh….176 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE

      Surat…….175 DEAD…..CONGRESS RULE

      they become totally deaf ………………because they have no answer.

      Congress is a government of hypocrites.

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      • Thanks SR for you reply…do you know why anyone doesnt remember who were other CMs when riots happened?? because they were not charged or accused of being helping rioters directly or indirectly….and I know who was in charge of Delhi police during 1984 riots and no one has given clean chit to Congress in that case….so please check facts and then let me know…just let me know any Congress minister or CM convicted in riot case and then we will talk…thanks


    • Haha very very funny.. I can’t believe.. Do you have any common sense?

      Lets talk about your points:
      1. Experience: If we required 1 professional person (i.e. Software Engineer) then according to your thinking a laborer with 60 years of experience is better than a fresher computer engineer.

      6. Young Power: (Most funny point) How a young is useful without brain? Can you explain?


  3. 2012-13 was a year of drought. Only about 60% rainfall. That translated into lower production and revenue for that year. A sophisticated lie, but still a lie. Especially coming from an educated man, its unpardonable.


  4. sir pahele to ye galat huva ki aap ne us shree 420 k question k answer diye…

    par thik he ye aap ka badhppan he jo uske saval ka javab diya….

    jo kisi saval ka javab nahi de pata sirf saval karta he use tavjjo kyu de rahe he aap….

    hume janneki jaru rat nahi hume pata he k hamari life kesi he kya devlopment huva…

    aese hulkut to kai aaye or gaye

    MODI lao DESH bachao

    har har modi
    ghar ghar modi

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  5. Modi is Great. Kejrival ji ne kya ek din me Gujrat dekh liya??? Muje lagata hey ki congress aur Kejrivalji dono mile hue hey.But we Proud be a Gujrati and we love Modiji.Modi is next PM


  6. what is this non sense..we dnt understand ur pro adani n ambani language…we ghe citizen od india understand the low cost..efficient . incluaive grwoth…u r useless brainless bastard of modi…i can intellectually prove u wrong on all dront..but for my so many poor county mate…my answer is ..show me the resulr modi ke kuttey..adani ki as licker ..show the results u bloody fool….taqat hai to show that u will charge adabi the commercisl rates…jantri mantri tantri…dont mess the poor peple …


    • In India Today Conclave a question is raised by man to Mr. Kejariwal that what if you became PM what are you goal and national policy(Vision). He said that he don’t have an answer for that and don’t want to be PM(but he want to govern :p). He said that for this 5 years if get elected then there will be for sure an unstable government. But in next election he could form the government which is stable. If he is not having any clear and firm vision for India’s feature how could you expect him as a PM. When you get an adequate experience then come to us for asking VOTEs or seat in oppositions chair and watch how to run government and have watch on them, that you could do well.
      Think practically be on earth and don’t just follow ANYONE(including IITian, AAP, BJP COngess and so on) blindly.
      Think if we gave chance to Kejariwal as an PM then India’s situation would like the any other country’s who got the freedom and don’t have any vision in front of their eye. People will suffer a lot like them.


      • Honest and truthful attempts to do good and only good for the people will give him the right experience unlike the fake gujarat-model experience which is paid media created model, if you are so strong in your answers, let us take it to the public ask your CM come and meet AK for the TV debate in live.Thousands of fake messages on NM and Gujarat in social media and paid media, it is one of them, rubbish.


  7. Can any of these replies get more foolish! I am not pro AAP. But i strongly believe that these answers are as foolish as the questions themselves.


  8. With reference to Q1, adding three factors in my reply, (a) technology improved that reduced solar power generation cost by 65% today. (b) incentives were needed to attract investors in solar energy (c) land price increased drastically. At the time the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was published, PV Solar energy power project was costing IRs.17 Carore per Mega Watt. Today, it is around IRs 6 Carore/MWatt. In those days, non one was ready to enter into Solar Power generation, so some incentive, better PPA was necessary.


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  10. Mr Kejriwal, just for your information, when Guj signed PPA for 13Rs. the Central has issued it for 17Rs.
    The price for the solar installed power was more then double what is cost today,
    Pls stop taking people for ride, you should be more responsible when you talk in public, or else how do you show to people there is difference between yourself and Digvijay Singh


  11. Interesting Blog but lame as well (Providing no credible data in many cases and in most other some newspaper links in most cases). Let me take you point by point on the first few.Don’t have time for more.:

    1.You say that 88 agreements were signed for 25 years at a whooping 12.54 ruppees.While I am all for renewable energy, doesn’t it strikes you as utterly FOOLISH of a self confessed smart CM to buy power at almost 2.5 times the cost of power from other sources and that too get an agreement done for 25 years and that too for 900+ MWs. Secondly it has to be extremely lameduck of this govt if apart from demanding that the tariff be lowered it did nothing to actualize that. Just in case you didn’t know our great champion of anti corruption Shriman Modi fought Legal cases for almost 10 years to block lokayukta at a reported cost of almost 30 crores to the state exchequer. “THIS IS A DAMN AGREEMENT”, YES, BUT ONE THAT STINKS OF CORRUPTION

    2.You are highly perturbed about AKs question on Agricultural growth and you want us to believe an ASSOCHAM study that on basis of a report of ET which have misreported facts multiple times in the past.The decadal growth rate could be a complete nonsense as the point of reference is possibly a year that had drought conditions and that has been compared with a year that had a higher growth..What if i ask you to believe Planning Commission data.Refer to page 61 here (http://planningcommission.nic.in/data/datatable/0205/databook_comp0205.pdf)and look at the agricultural GDP Nos for Gujrat from 2004 to 2011 ( 7 years). This had 2 years on negative growth and 1 year of zero growth.Even if i compare 2004 to 2011, the growth rate works out to just 6.7% and not 11% as Modi has been claiming.

    4. My dear friend, if Modi after 13 years of rule hasn’t been able to make dent in corruption then your lame excuse is very sad.Especially if the people indulging in corruption are BJP leaders from Ahmedabad who share dias with Modi. Possibly in Modi land these newspapers are not widely read but do read the online version here.It may enlighten you


    I am not saying that this is Modi’s fault but then Modi himself is the kingpin of corruption.of the crony capitalist kind.So expecting such a guy to curb corruption itself is foolish.

    5. Sad answer by you and lies as well. Bokharia has been convicted as well. And Modi has multiple such luminaries in his cabinet.present and past.So why are you even debating this point.

    6. No there is no rule not to induct son-in-laws of corporates to whom you routinely pass on largesse of the state govt except for one rule “THE RULE OF PROBITY”.Possibly that rule has been forgotten in Gujrat under 13 years of Modi mania.

    7.I guess you don’t carefully watch and hear Modi vachan in his election rallies.While he doesn’t exactly states that there is zero unemployment, he clearly implies that gujrat has very less unemployment. Now lets indulge in some maths. I am not sure 1f 13 lakh people applied for 1500 posts so i will go with a lower estimate of 8 lakh plus that i saw on another website.These are essentially rural revenue accountant type posts , so i will assume that mostly male applicants.These posts only require a Higher secondary and pay scale is not that great.Age limit is between 18 years to 28 years. Now as per last Census Gujrat had 3.15 crore males.If we were to assume that 20% of these met the above criteria of age and education then we have 63 lakh eligible males.Are you telling me that young people in Gujrat are so desperate that 13% of them apply for a LOW PAYING RURAL JOB with just 1500 vacancies.Sorry dude, your argument doesn’t cut much ice.Possibly this is because Modi has converted most Gujrati youth into 5000 ka naukar in the name of employment. I am not saying 0 is better than 5000 but this is then FAKE DEVELOPMENT.In 12 years, Post world war II germany catapulted from a wara ravaged economy to a developed economy.What has Modi done in a state which was already much prosperous than many other Indian states to begin with.

    12.. I guess you got the biggest shock with the electricity fact.I know, Modi has been harping about this and maybe all Gujratis and much of the outer world think thats the truth. Now consider some data points.Look at the Census data of number of households using electricity as a primary source of lighting:

    Click to access Source%20of%20Lighting.pdf

    For Gujrat it 90%.If we were to assume that Gujrat has around 1 crore households ( at an average of 6 people per household), then close to 10 lakh households don’t use electricity as a primary source of lighting..

    My only advice is that while it is ok for you to want Modi as PM, the fact remains that Modi cannot change anything in this rotten system.He may execute a few projects better ( which also i doubt because he seems to be micro managing and duties of a PM will choke his personal bandwidth and reduce effectiveness).On the otherhand the potential of damage from Modi is very high but may be more of that later.


  12. To validate if Gujarat has developed, the person judging has to have experienced the Gujarat of the 1990s and then the Gujarat in Modi’s governance.

    I have seen and experienced the numerous changes in Gujarat, like millions of others.

    There will always be scope of improvement and new work to be done, but the state has definitely seen improvement and it will continue with right governance.


  13. ha ha ha…jock of the century…….
    one man who can’t even hold his CMship,fo 50 days, tells the person who successfully rules his state for more than 4500 days.that how to rule state…

    ha ha ha great fekriwal……..i have doubt are you a real IITians,…ess it will be INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TUKKA…


  14. An eye for an eye makes the world blind!
    We are looking forward to see Modi as the PM of India not because he is some ‘maseeha’ (only time will show that) but because our country is in a mess and there is an Anti-Congress movement in the air and people want to experiment and see if the situation becomes any better.
    So please don’t faff around with the achievements in Gujarat, it is a debatable topic. Your arguments/answers are not very convincing.
    Let Modi address these questions if at all he has to, it would be better. For someone like me who is just an aam aadmi (pls don’t confuse me with aam aadmi party), the kind of response you have given to these question just makes me think twice – whether I should vote for the lotus or not.


  15. I am not anti modi,nor blind follower of kejriwal…as a common man all I want from arvind kejriwal in the wake of coming elections is to block the entry of all those politicians with criminal background by puttin up their candidates and givin us an option…I feel it’s his inexperience and over zealous attitude that he is targeting the wrong person that is narendra modi,but lets concede the fact people,we ourselves should not be hypercritical of every event.India has its share of smart voters and they will vote for them who fulfilled his promises…
    As from a common man perspective I don’t understand why tevery person is worried of who the PM is,it’s like sittin back in India and worrying who the president of United States will become…all of us know that it takes a party to win to make them name a PM,that party has members,much more than a single PM we r talkin about,some of them will be from ur constituencies where u live,that’s what we as a common man should be worried about…who we r sending to the Lok sabha,not the PM
    Would u prefer a party full of corrupt politicians just to make Modi ji the prime minister?we all know of narendra modi ji’s achievements,and kudos,he has brought Gujarat into the world map. But we also know that the BJP is cashing on his name to win votes,we have got to understand this.and this is not Gujarat elections,it is Lok sabha 2014 elections,where he will have to deal with his own party after a time m sure,the same party we chose coz we wanted to see modi ji as the PM
    So my request would be that as a voter,u should be worried of the ground politics that affects us directly,send those politicians who have shown or have the potential to show promise…not in the name of kejriwal or modi or Gandhi….but in the name of INDIA..


    • I am not here to tell the wrong and right things happening in the current politics. I only have a request to the people over here to understand the situation and move accordingly. As a CM AK has done lots of work whatever may be the time period!!. The works are even unbelievable to other parties.

      Its not practical to say that he broke the promise he made on his child and family, as the decision was taken by the people and if you ask the people of Delhi they are always with AK. My request to the people is that lets give him a chance and see what happens!! as its of sure that they will eat up the country if we again try CONG or BJP.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Just my research from narendramodi.in site and from the link for decadal agriculture statistics given:

    The link in this article says, that the decades growth is 10.97%. And the “annual” growth rate of top five states is 3%.


    The following link NM’s official site compares this annual growth rate vs gujarat’s decadal growth rate and claims they are better.


    Now my defense for AK: When BJP talk about annual growth rate of other states, its only fair to talk about gujarat’s annual growth which is -1.2 percent.

    I will make sure I go into the details of the other 16 responses and figure out for myself what is the truth. I hope I dont make a mistake in understanding this data. But as of now, this article’s response about the agriculture question is a lie over a lie over a lie.


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    web site style is great, the articles is really great :
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