6 Annoying Photograph Poses

Disclaimer: I might have posed in any one of the following poses some time or the other; in fact we all would have but then I grew up! Many of you didn’t, so the post.

1. The Middle Finger Pose

This seems to be a favorite among the teenagers, especially the boys. As much as I try to think, I fail to understand the joy behind posing with the universal sign of “Fuck You” in photographs. You think throwing up your middle fingers makes you look like a bad ass? Sorry, but it makes you look like a douche bag. Next time shove it right up your ass. Yes, that will be good! And even bigger douche bags are the people who comment on the pics saying “Dude! Sahi Hai, Stud lag raha hai”. DUH!


2. The Duck Face

This is the most stupid thing that any one can do in a photograph and if you are on Facebook, then more than half of your female friends would have posed in this ridiculous manner. Why would anyone document their face in this annoying way is beyond me. And what’s more frightening is that of late, some men also have started pouting in their pictures. With all due respect to women I would say that if you think you look like Angelina Jolie then sorry, you don’t. You look like a BLOODY DUCK! And my dear fellow-men, you won’t get a chance to get laid with anyone of the girls so STOP commenting “Hot, Sexy” on the pictures.


3. Mirror Pose

You might call me sexist but again this pose is quite popular among the girls. Forget their room mirrors, they will not even leave the mirrors in the wash rooms. And icing on the cake is the pout that comes in which makes it even more irritating. You have every right to love yourself and it’s a good thing that you love yourself so much but should it mean that you stand in front of every damn mirror and start posing. Aargh!


4. The Feet Pose

Again, it’s the women! Forming a circle (Some say it’s actually a flower) with their footwear and clicking the picture. I mean WHAT THE FUCK! Why would you click your bloody chappals/sneakers or whatever you are wearing?  No body is interested in your branded footwear or your stinking feet.


5. Rabbit Ears

Apart from being annoying this pose is plain BORE. We used to do this as kids but then I grew up! But, many of us have not and I think it is way beyond its expiry. Putting up your fingers above your friends head makes you look more like a clown than your friend. I would like to slap my friend if s/he spoils my photograph by this foolish act.


6. Smoke Rings

If I had to rate the poses by the degree of their annoyingness, then this would top the list. This is what Duck Face is to girls, every other guy is seen posting pictures of themselves with smoke rings on Facebook. Oh, we also have wannabe kids with hookahs and blowing smoke rings.  There is nothing “cool” about smoking.  It is bad and it kills!


P.S. : All pics taken from the net, if any issues mail me and it shall be removed.