7 Reasons why you should not vote for AAP!

As Delhi goes to polls on 7th February 2015, I give you 7 reasons why you should NOT vote for the Aam Aadmi Party!

  1. 49 and Retired Hurt!

As somebody who earns his daily bread and butter from Recruitments; let me explain this in HR terms. There is a candidate who desperately needs a job & is after me (begging) to consider him. I accept his candidature, find him good for the job & hire him. He works for 49 days and then absconds from the organization. After one year he comes back to me asking for the job. Will I give him the job? The answer is NO!

Here, ‘Delhi’ is the organization, ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ is the candidate and ‘Delhiites’ are the HR.

  1. Economic Policies

AAP’s economic vision is best explained by Arvind Kejriwal, who hates the private sector for ‘looting’ the country & its resources that belong to Indians. This is much in tandem with what Nehru & Indira believed in. They tried to nationalize most sectors of enterprise and pushed in the people’s money into the public sector.  It was only after these companies failed to record any profits; doors to the private sector were slightly opened.

As the capital of the country Delhi is not even close to the standards set by world class capital cities. Delhi needs investments; Delhi needs infrastructure; Delhi needs employment; Delhi needs development.  And this will come with the help of corporate whom Arvind Kejriwal and his left leaning socialist colleagues like Prashant Bhushan hate.

AAP’s economic vision is to oppose privatization, increase subsidy on electricity and fuel and take away the exemptions thereby increasing the effective taxes.  While the BJP is promising 24 hour electricity; populist and subsidy loving AAP is offering cheaper electricity. Decision is yours!

  1. Regionalism

Delhi is probably the only city in the country that can boast off of being ‘cosmopolitan’ in true sense. While every state and Union territories have a native population/ethnic groups; Delhi’s ethnic groups are diverse.  Historically speaking, the original natives of Delhi were folks who resided somewhere in the Yamuna basin which stretched several kilometres beyond what is today’s Delhi. Yes, it is an ancient city which was once called ‘Indraprastha’ under the rule of Pandavas but Pandavas were also ‘outsiders’.

Today Delhi comprises of Punjabis who migrated from Pakistan after partition, Bengalis who moved when the British capital shifted from Calcutta to Delhi and many other ethnic groups ranging from the ‘Jats’ of Haryana to the ‘Tamilians’ of Tamil Nadu. There are no concrete statistics that trace the descent of Delhiites.

In its 49 day stint, AAP wanted to reserve 90% seats in the Delhi University colleges for the locals and a proposal was sent to the Central Government by the Education Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia. Apart from the fact that many students from different cities and towns come to Delhi for studies; this proposal also gives rise to regionalism. How different is this from Shiv Sena and MNS in the Maharashtra who want to send the immigrants back to where they belong?

Hence, if not for anything else, just for the spirit of Delhi you should not vote for AAP.


  1. Arvind KejrUwal: Nothing is permanent in politics; friends turn foes and foes become friends. So, ideally one shouldn’t make much hue and cry about few statements which are made while campaigning. But, Arvind Kejriwal is GOD -Honest, truthful, divine & God is not allowed to make mistakes. Here are some of the U-Turns of Mr. Kejriwal:
  • From ‘I don’t want to join politics’ to becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi
  • ‘I swear on my children that I will not take support of Congress’ to taking support of Congress
  • Shiela Dikshit is corrupt to where is the proof that she is corrupt when in power

The list can go on; in fact there is a Facebook page dedicated to the ‘U-Turns’ by Aam Aadmi Party. Might help to decide as to why NOT to vote for AAP!

  1. Vigilantism: Prashant Bhushan had asked for a referendum in Kashmir over the deployment of Army in the valley. So what if Jihadi’s from the border infiltrate on a daily basis and kill our soldiers? He also wanted the ‘extra police’ to be removed from Maoist areas. So what if these Naxals blow up CRPF Jawans? AAP also did a silly ‘SMS’ poll about forming government in Delhi. This vigilantism endorsed and adopted by the party scares me and is definitely not the solution in a country which is run by ‘law’. God forbid, if tomorrow people want a rapist to be ‘stoned to death’; will AAP agree?

As someone said ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’. So, respect the system, laws, constitution and protect your liberty!

  1. Anarchist Aadmi Party: The last thing Delhi needs is a CM sleeping on roads and staging a dharna every other day. Enough said!
  1. Kiran Bedi: Last but not the least, KIRAN BEDI! Though it’s not announced yet, she is most likely to be the Chief Minister candidate of the BJP. As Ms. Kiran Bedi rightly said in her press conference while joining the BJP “Mere pass 40 saal ka administrative experience hai”. So, what will you choose? 49 Days of anarchy & dharnas or 40 years of solid administrative experience?

14 thoughts on “7 Reasons why you should not vote for AAP!

  1. Explained nicely !! Even i have one question for him :-

    How he will provide free electricity and water ? after thinking logically ..Delhi did not have huge power generation centers or else then if u r going to purchase it from other state then u need to pay any how !!


    • Only one reason to vote for AAP….

      To show the dirty political class that we, the citizens of this country has the power to replace all of you( corrupt politician) and bring new honest, educated prospects.. They will learn eventually.. at least we would have proved our democratic power…

      Have you never said before that all politician are corrupt??? If yes, then what can you do about this?

      Liked by 1 person

      • This is exactly the kind of statements that Muslim Brotherhood & Libyan rebels used to make – and see where they ended up. You cant live your life with so much hatred inside Work on replacing it with positivism, or it will ruin your life. Wish you well.


  2. This blog is written well in terms of grammar but is a very dishonest effort aimed at misleading the readers with false information. Every person who has seen the 49 day rule knows really well that Kejriwal was not allowed to function beyond this 49 days. Dont we know the famous Picture circulating in Social Media with Mr. Harshvardhan & Mr. Lovely with a wicked smile? What were the odds for #AAP to continue in govt? If #AAP had tacit support from Congress why wouldnt it last beyond 49 days? Kejriwal’s dharna is an issue but which other state has the cops outside their control? How can you be blamed for law & order when the cops dont obey the CMs instructions? Even BJP demanded the same thing in Oppn. Only when they they r in power in the centre its fine to have the police under the central govt.
    Every point listed here is twisted & turned. Its time ppl come forward to allow a chance to a honest effort in politics. How can we overlook years of corruption by other parties. Are we scared to live an honest life because we have got used to bribing & getting our way?
    Every point raised here is totally misleading & a very dishonest effort. Would have appreciated a blog which said “& reasons to vote for BJP” but I guess thats a lot of effort because its hard to find those 7 reasons.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sorry but everyone who knows any bit of polity, constitution and law knows that Kejriwal orchestrated the resignation drama. The resignation was avoidable, and beyond that, plain stupid!
      Its simultaneously sad and funny that you don’t see it yet. Not asking you to quit on him right away but open your eyes to criticism against him, read up and see for yourself if that criticism hold water.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I absolutely disagree with your view, Is kejri a child to be unaware of conspiracy of congress support, why did he agree in first attempt?? AAPTARDS are nothing but bunch of power hungry self claimed intellectuals who want to RULE.

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  3. We all have a week Memory, How can you forget the Coruption carried out by theTraditional Parties in Delhi for Decades !! Very misleading Article for sure.


  4. Arvind Kejriwal is a typical shirker, keeps blaming others, but has no achievements to speak of – in IRS, in Kabir, in IAC or in AAP. His promises are empty and his fielding naxals and fraudsters puts paid to his claim of representing aam aadmi. He has never been ably to collaborate even within IAC and AAP.

    How can anyone thinks such a person can be a leader? Forget at state level, he cant even manage a municipal ward


  5. I have to be neutral here and some points raised here are valid although I supported AAP before that Delhi Debacle. This article is not misleading or this article is not Politically aligned. The points 2, 3(If true), 5 and 7 are valid regardless of remaining points.

    Subsidy is not a solution to our problems, It’s a temporary solution for our problems in livelihood. Then Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi are not Movement against Corruption crusaders, They are both supporters of Anna Hazare who was the crusaders, So people can’t say that both of them will fight against corruption. It’s mere notion of being a Political party that they brought that tag along with them to both AAP and BJP.

    It’s our choice to vote and it’s our lives to Live. So, Good luck Delhiites..


  6. Yogendra Yadav has clearly stated in this tweet that he was misquoted on issues of reservation. I’m not even going to attempt to engage with you on other matters because you didn’t do research and then decide your stand, you first decided your stand and then wrote the article.

    Perhaps you should get off your comfortable armchair and actually try to find out why it is that the government got 95% of the seats, instead of thinking that Delhi is stupid. that is what I did after Lok Sabha


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