Open Letter to Nitish Kumar

Dear Nitish Kumar,

I still remember the time when you along with your ally BJP freed Bihar from the misrule of Lalu Prasad Yadav and took charge of the state. Slowly and steadily, you brought the much-needed change and though I am not really fond of Socialists; I liked you. I always believed that you are one of the few no non-sense and genuine politicians in our country. However, the recent events in your state have made me realize that how wrong I was about you and how you are just one of the many opportunistic and astute netas we have. In times where coalitions don’t survive much; you ended what one may call a historic 17 year-long relationship with the BJP. But that’s not my problem! My problem is the age-old argument of secularism that you threw before us. Your hypocrisy couldn’t stop me from writing this letter to you and asking few questions which are troubling me:

Your love for Advani: The man who was responsible for the hideous act of Babri masjid demolition is considered in high regard by you and your party. Ironically, you along with your (now) political foe Lalu Prasad Yadav criticized the BJP heavily in your speeches in 1992. What changed in the years following Ayodhya episode that happened in the ‘Atal-Advani’ era which you miss so much now? Why did you join hands with a party that carried the taint of Babri Masjid demolition? I am sure it was the hunger for power. Right?

Amnesia: Let’s go back to 2002 when the Godhra riots happened and you were an active partner in NDA. Why didn’t your secular sensibilities made you quit the arrangement with the BJP at that time like Ram Vilas Paswan did? What’s even more amusing is that the following year you went to Gujarat and praised Modi (whom you despise so much now) by leaps and bounds.  You may now call it protocol now but does the protocol require a visiting Central minister to exhort a state chief minister to play national role? Even a chameleon might feel ashamed with the way you change colors! You have aversion to the post-Godhra Modi as a polarising figure while accept L K Advani as a great leader post-Babri Masjid!

You feel sad about how Narendra Modi has sidelined his mentor Advani. But given your selective amnesia, let me remind you the time when your mentor and the great socialist leader George Fernandes called you a dictator and an autocrat. The man who was the key architect in shaping your career was ousted from the post of JD (U) president in 2005 and was denied a ticket to fight elections. So with what right you are giving lectures to the BJP on respecting elders? Isolation of George Fernandes

Selective Secularism: Where was your secularism when Kashmiri Pandits were killed and were forced to leave their homes never to return. Why didn’t we hear you speak about their rights; many of them still living a life of penury in the refugee colonies in Jammu? Where were you when the Deganga riots happened in 2010 and Hindus were attacked? We didn’t hear a word from you or your party condemning the attacks because the oppressed don’t form a vote-bank for you while the oppressors do!  You thanked our Prime Minister when he called you ‘secular’ after you parted ways with the BJP but where were you when our Prime Minister’s party butchered thousands of Sikhs in the worst ever riots that India saw? Congress workers attacked large number of Sikhs to avenge the murder of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi but still you find the age-old party secular?  In the year 2008, when BJP was accused with some other fringe groups of attacking Christians in Kandhamal; their ally in the state, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) decided to move out from the coalition. Why didn’t you had anything to say about the dead Christians? If you believed so much in secularism; then why didn’t you pull out of the NDA before? Probably because Christians don’t form a vote-bank in your state.


Muslims better off in Gujarat, BJP government in Goa : You may not like it but according to the Sachar Committee Report  Muslims are better off in Gujarat compared to most states in India. Why is it that Muslims in Bihar are not as well off as those in Gujarat? Why are the Muslims in Gujarat not at par with those in Gujarat in terms of employment and literacy rate? With you being the secular crusader and Narendra Modi being the communal devil; how is it possible?  Modi might not wear the skull-cap or host iftar parties which you love to do but even then Muslims in his state are doing well. Muslims chant NaMo Mantra I would also point out the fact that in a state like Goa where over 26% of people are Christians have voted BJP to power. They are a minority and have shown confidence in BJP. So, your whole bickering over the issue of communalism-secularism is a farce!

As a young voter of this country I believe politicians like you have greatly abused the term secularism. Today, you stand exposed in the eyes of public. The mask of secularism which you have been wearing all through the years can no more save your face. You are an able administrator and are doing great work in the state of Bihar. You are undoubtedly one of the better politicians of our country and I sincerely hope that you continue to work for the up liftment of Bihar because the state doesn’t need Lalu Prasad again. But, at the same time you don’t bring represent the new India and are surely not the neta which India needs. You are still the ‘traditional’ politician who harps on caste and creed to succeed. Your politics is about religion. Your politics is making sure that the poor remain poor so that you can continue to fool them. Interestingly, your political foe Narendra Modi’s politics is only about development. He is a nationalist who refers to his people as ‘Gujaratis’ and doesn’t segregate them as vote-banks. He represents the new age of politics in the country. As I end this letter, I wish you all the best for 2014 elections and if possible introspect a little!


An Indian


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