Top 21 moments of 2012

1. India does a Pakistan: The insecure, irrational and stupid government decided to block about 20 accounts on twitter and around 300 web pages in the name of “national security”. Ha! What’s interesting was that some of the blocked twitter accounts were of reputed journalists (Kanchan Gupta, Shashi Shekhar) and their writings critical of the government and its policies. Last I heard we all had freedom of speech!

2. God particle: The year’s biggest discovery was the evidence about the presence of the Higgs boson which the scientists termed as the ‘God particle’ as they claim to have a scientific proof about how god actually did not create this universe. Atheists rejoiced; Theists sulked.

3. Brakes fail: As a student specializing in Human Resources; I feel this was one of the most important news (otherwise also). Labour unrest went out of control at Maruti’s plant in Manesar where its HR head was killed. The dispute hit production for months and the market share of company declined. Those who say ‘HR is an easy job’ were seen eating dust.

4. Obama re-elected : Okay, personally I don’t give a damn about who becomes the next President of Umreeka but since most of India did gave a damn so this made it to the list. Though Obama lost a major chunk of popular vote but he managed a convincing win. Analysts say that Republicans would have been better for India but their narrow-minded, chauvinistic and fundamentalist ideals make me think Obama is a better choice.

5. Hanged till death: Probably the most ‘celebrated’ death of any person. After years of wait and crores spent on him; Kasab saw the gallows. Personally, feel proud of our country that gave the ‘right’ to even a person like him to fight his case. Hail democracy!


6. Century of Centuries: Though his critics (Yes, we have fools everywhere) argue it came against a weak Bangladesh; his fans say at the end what matters is the record. Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th ton saw a moment his fans world over waited with bated breath. It was long pending and the master blaster ended the tiring wait for his 100th international century in March 2012.

7. India outraged: This has to be the most powerful and defining event of the year. The young blood took on the government for its callous attitude towards rapes and security of women. The way  government and police handled it was sad and even more disappointing was the violence which took away the life of a policeman. Wish the protests had remained peaceful.

8. NaMo Namah: Narendra Modi sweeped the Gujarat assembly polls for a third time and confirmed his growing clout in the BJP. His supporters believe he can lead BJP to victory in 2014 but he has to fight the internal politics within his party and gain confidence of allies before that. Till then ‘Dilli door hai’.

9. Romance dies: Talking about Yash Chopra in the past sense seems a grammatical error. As a person who ‘breathes’ his films; this came as a shock.The poetry, rain, sarson ke khet, swiss alps; he taught us how to fall in love. There was only one Yash Chopra and he lives through his films.

10. Azad Maidan Drama (As suggested by @LMAATHUR ): I am yet to decipher the ‘logic’ behind the protests. Indian Muslim organizations protested against the alleged atrocities against Muslims in Assam and Myanmar. I believe sympathy should come because of humanity and not because those dying share the same religion. Moreover; why did the protesters had to break the Amar Jawan memorial? Sad!

Final 2

11. Malala: One of the most compelling and important person in the year was a little, dark-eyed Pashtun girl from remote, rural Pakistan who just wanted to go to school. She was shot and wounded by the Taliban for speaking in favor of girls’ education. Our neighbor needs many more such girls who can save Pakistan from becoming a banana republic.

12. Beti B gets a name: I don’t know why but for some reason the entire country waited with bated breath to know what would be the name of the granddaughter of country’s biggest star. And Aaradhya it was! Must say I loved the name.

13. Armstrong & Armstrong: The celebrated cyclist who fought cancer and made a much talked about comeback was banned for life from the sport and stripped of titles & medals after being held guilty of doping. Another Armstrong made news when he left the earth. The man had the moment of millennium when he became the first person who landed on the moon in 1969. Neil Armstrong, RIP!

14. Satyamev Jayate: This was also the year when entire India turned social activist on Sunday mornings and we can thank (or blame?) Aamir Khan for it. Khan took on the various social issues that our country faces today and presented them in a way we all like – drama, tears, song. His debut show on television was as pretentious as the man himself. My post on the same drew flak from many but at the same time saw maximum hits. You can read it here TRP Mev Jayate

15. English Vinglish: As a huge fan; I would remember 2012 as the year that saw Sridevi on-screen after a gap of 15 years and after watching the film you can say that it was worth the wait. As a middle class housewife who is struggling with her ‘weak’ English; Sridevi touched the lives of a million Indian housewives with a heart-warming performance (Give her all the awards). Sridevi is still the same and I still love her! You can read what I wrote about the film here English Vinglish


16. Going Gangnam: Korean pop star Psy’s hit single released, and went on to become the most-watched video with one billion hits on YouTube. From Chris Gayle to Amitabh Bachchan; everybody seemed to have been smitten by the song and the dance steps.

17. The big break-up: Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal parted ways with the latter starting his own political party (Aam Aadmi Party). Kiran Bedi decided to stay with Anna. The fight against corruption lost in the internal fights of ‘self-proclaimed’ crusaders.

18. Year of goodbyes (As suggested by @mercplus , @xmanishaa and @DelennDax7): 2012 will always be remembered as the year that took away many legends.Cinema ( Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Dara Singh, AK Hangal) , Music (Jagjit Singh, Pandit Ravi Shankar), Verghese Kurien, father of India’s White Revolution and many more. Special mention about Jaspal Bhatti who made all of us smile with his political satire. Sardar ji, you are missed!

19. God retires: In a country where cricket is religion this has to be one of the most important moment. Sachin Tendulkar declared his retirement from one-day cricket. Though I don’t follow the game; I know an era has come to an end and feel proud that the greatest batsman is from my country.

20. DUH!: The Mayans were wrong and so were the fools who believed that world will end in 2012. It didn’t! Look, I am writing about your stupidity. Mayans need a calendar and that too a Hindu one as we have many more ‘Yugas’ to come.

21. Tam-Brahm Kalyanam: Okay, this is something personal. My best friend got married and I attended my first ever Tamil Brahmin wedding.   The mridangam, songs, banana leaf, food – would remain one of the most memorable wedding. Also, I loved Chennai. Romba Nalla!

Final 5

P.S. – The ‘moments’ are NOT ranked. So there is NO number one or number two. Just 21 moments from 2012! And on that note Happy 2013 !! :-)


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