TRP Mev Jayate!

Last Sunday saw the ‘holier-than-thou’ Aamir Khan’s television debut and after a month long promotions Satyamev Jayate finally aired at 11.00 in the morning simultaneously on Star Plus & Doordarshan. I had zero expectations from the show and I thank Aamir because he did not disappoint me. So, here I shoot!

FAKENESS Personified

The opening monologue by Aamir Khan – “Main ek actor hi nahin, Insan bhi hoon” was enough to turn me off and I knew that this was just another attempt by the sanctimonious Khan to show how good a human being he is compared to his contemporaries who chose silly game shows to make their television debut. In fact, the whole opening credits sequence – AAMIR KHAN Productions, Core Creative Team AAMIR KHAN, Conceived & Created By AAMIR KHAN gave me a feeling that somewhere the show aims at telling us how great the man is. He is a crusader, the modern day JesusAs @CilemaSnob calls him )  who is here to solve all the problems. Mr. Khan also says that he feels pareshan and udaas when he sees certain things in the society. But in his more than two decade old career as a superstar what has he done to improve those ‘things’? Why have I never seen him do any of the philanthropy stuff which actors love to do. No charity? No donations? No NGO to support?  The only time I remember him speaking for ‘poor’ was when he participated in Medha Patkar’s Narmada demonstrations when his film Fanaa was about to release but he ran off from the scene when Gujarat Government threatened to pull out his film. Oh Yes! And he recently attended a rickshaw puller’s son’s wedding too.  Also, he did some social service when he gave a free hair cut to people while promoting Ghajini (If that counts). Also, if he is so much perturbed by the situation & feels he should do something then do it for free na! Why take 3 crores/episode? And if you are taking then STOP being so pretentious!

Even as a host, Aamir Khan is a massive disappointment. The whole grim and stiff-necked look on his face looks forced. Though he is one of the few good ‘actors’ which our country has produced; he sucks on the show. Where is the spontaneity which Mr. Bachchan, Shahrukh & Salman brought on their shows?  For example; the first scene where Aamir is standing & doing the talking but later goes on to sit on the stairs. In this 10 second scene only one can feel that he istryingtoo hard.  And not to forget the scene where wipes off his tears which never really came out. Why Aamir, Why? Don’t we have Rakhi Sawant for nautanki?  And what made me feel more angry was the way Aamir interacted with the 3 ladies on the show who told their stories. Aamir like a heartless and coaxing news reporter kept asking “Aapko Kaisa Laga”? “Phir Aapne Kya Kiya”? Fuck You Aamir!

Moving on, audience plays an important part in our reality shows and adds the needed masala into the show. Here, like the superficial host of the show, the audience is also superfluous. You have an intellectual looking Aunty ji with hair half dyed & spectacles hanging around her neck, a sophisticated urban woman who wipes off her tears with a slight flip in her hair, an uncle ji who looks fits the bill of a dadaji & some teenage girl & boys to balance the whole thing. This is the perfect mix to connect with the aam junta as it caters to people from all walks of life. Actually, it was quite like the one’s sitting in Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Show! It was so bloody irritating to see the made up reaction from the audience in the form of Hawwwwws”, “Ohhhhhhs . And going by the response online (twitter) and after talking to my Mom I can say that the attempt was quite successful. This is exactly what gets you TRP’s and keeps the producers happy!

As the show reaches end, Aamir Khan uses AIRTEL’S 3G technology to connect to a village in Harayana and also promises to write to the Chief Minister of a state if we send an SMS to a number as the proceeds through these messages go to charity and Aamir Khan’s friend Mukesh Ambani’s RELIANCE Foundation will also contribute.  So we all can now feel good about having done our bit for the girl child this week, homosexuality the next week, dowry the week after… Who says push-button activism can’t work! But SMS? Are you fucking kidding me Aamir?  

It is a proper commercial show on a proper commercial channel backed by corporate sponsors and anchored by a celebrity. Can this show take up causes that will conflict against its corporate interest? Coca Cola, the company that Aamir Khan endorses is accused of spoiling waters resources in Kerala & Rajastan, Will Aamir dare to take up such issues?

Eventually, Aamir called lyricist Swanand Kirkire & music director Ram Sampat to perform a (lovely) song ‘O Re Chiriya’. I am told that every episode will have one song. And I can guarantee that towards the end of the show Audio CD’s of all the songs will be out in the market under some music company’s label & we would be promised that the amount will go to charity!

Sorry Aamir, but your new show is a colossal disappointment. It is like your perfectly imperfect film Ghajini. You talk about change. It took Mr. Bachchan several years of campaigning to help in eradicating Polio from India and here you expect to bring a change by talking about issues every Sunday! Next Sunday you will talk about some other issue, week after some other issue & after 10 weeks with 30 crores in your bank you will go!

You can’t even be credited for coming up with something “new” on Indian television because the Indian audience is not alien to such type of shows. IBN 7 has a show Zindagi Live which is very similar in format, which again is emotional, emotive, passionate, real issues with the real people and real protagonists in the studio, it’s a talk show but there of course the difference is Aamir Khan! Those who have already given a ‘Godly’ status to Aamir, a word of appreciation for IBN7 Journalist Richa Anirudh also who is hosting the show since 2007 & bringing up different issues in mainstream media. Meetu Khurana, who was one of the guests on Aamir’s show was on Richa’s show in 2010. I am sure nobody gave a flying fuck then because you need an Aamir Khan to realize what is wrong around you!  

I wish all those issues that he’ll take will hit the society as hard as we think it will and will not remain a tea-table talk and will not remain a one time emotional outburst!

26 thoughts on “TRP Mev Jayate!

  1. Gosh, very powerful writing..and AUTHENTIC anger at this show..I wonder if the “emotions” displayed in this show are just as real & sincere? My guess it NOT! I hate over sensationalizing a LEGITIMATE problem..why make up anything at all if the cause is real? Are you presenting a problem & discussing it or ….putting on a performance? Very well stated post, Rahul!


  2. Read your article and was trying to understand why so much anger towards a substantially better show/actor than the mediocre shows/actors all around. I mean all you can conjure about Aamir is that he is fake and not an activist. Was really confused…. then i read you name … All of a sudden everything became clear. I guessed why you are so frustrated… I couldn’t stop laughing until my colleagues started to notice….


  3. thank you for speaking “some” of my thoguhts .. I do not mind anything in such shows as much as i hate fake emotions .. It doesnt matter if u dnt cry or feel for such issues. be heartless but be true …


  4. come on yaar… why people start looking at his own worth or income… he is generating much more value… this is not a new issue, but perhaps it is Amir Khan who was able to make a mass realize this. No wonder the research and analysis do…ne behind the story is quite deep.

    And to add to that… compare it with what Salman Khan is getting for 1 big boss episod and Bachhan getting for 1 KBC episod… margin is not that high… but value is….!!! And after all we are enjoying “perfect” work… 🙂


  5. Hi SRK Fan…Hey why are so obsessed with Aamir ? Headline of the blog is about Show’s Name but your whole blog is just about insulting Aamir…AAmir khan ki publicity kar rahe ho?


  6. Hmm, why so much hate? I don’t get it….. is it because you want him to do a stupid game show that no one benefits from and take the 3 cr per episode for that? or d you just hate him in general? Hmmm.


  7. Hahahahahaha. Seriously, Rahul.
    This is the most frustrated post I have read after the open letter thing 😀

    I understand what you must be feeling while watching the show.
    People tend to fall for these sympathy shows very easily (Mujhe tere ghar mein roti chahiye fiasco, how can she slap, big boss all seasons) thus, the very same results in good TRPs.

    My view about the show is quite simple: I agree that we should do something about the problems which our society has been dealing with. Our problems can’t be a Sunday morning tv-show. We will think and feel that our problems are severe only for 1,5 hours when Aamir Khan (or any other influencing person/celebrity) will tell us what to do about it.
    The problems shouldn’t be an entertainment show. Aamir Khan asked some very ”behuda” questions. How would a mother feel after 5-6 forced abortions? Ummm just a guess but she wouldn’t be happy, I think! 😐

    So keeping it short, a quote from Aamir Khan’s movie ”Rang De Basanti”:

    ”Koi bhi country perfect nahin hoti usey perfect banana padta hai”
    Nobody, I repeat, NO freaking BODY can tell us what to do, unless we take action ourselves. No celebrity needs to come forward and tell us that.

    Every society problem is like smoking, you can’t quit, unless you really want it yourself.


  8. I remember from a long time ago when a little kid fell in a man hole in some village in India and the whole country prayed for his safety, courtesy, 24 hour coverage of the act by the country’s ‘oh so fake media’! And he was the only child whose life was ever endangered, and his survival was news that all was good with kids in India. The whole country sighed a big relief.

    People fake ignorance of all that is wrong and think that a one time show of empathy makes them ‘holier than all’, a job well done, humanity personified, get back to work please like state.

    The show is all this and much more. 5 mins into it and I couldn’t watch it any longer.


  9. To Rahul:

    I agree to some extent. But, I heavily disagree the skeptism you have fostered in your attitude to see at the things, be it social issues or about TV shows.

    You know what your problem is? You belong to that group of the society who is always good in pointing the fingers out to someone or something, hiding behind your coccon. I can easily guess that you lack experience in working for the society.

    Last time when we were campaigning to save an old age home in our city, we realized how people like you easily turn towards blame game, to throw comments on system, but it actually becomes hard to make you aware that you need to actually work rather than just pointing out the fault.

    When we were campaigning, nobody would listen to us. Even if they listened no one would take it seriously. Then we realized how difficult it is to just to create the awareness in people. Even the medias are hard to reach, for they are more interested to cover topics of celebrities than a dull issue related to society where they wud hardly earn any TRP.

    I am extremely happy that Aamir did it. And, I call a program like this a ‘Social worker’s dream come true’. Why thank aamir, u might have this question. The reason is, because he did it. And because people, including you, only watched this show because of him. A social worker dreams that the awareness be reached to the maximum number of people. And that has happened. That’s the basic necessity. Now, even if he earns billions why shud u care, did u care when other celebrities were doing mindless programs and earning more than that. You didn’t.

    If it ignites a thought in society, he deserves the accolade for he showed the courage, be it for whatever you may call- a publicity gimmick or whatever, but it has atleast provoked a thought in people to think about the issue. You youself said that you watched zindagi live about the same issue in 2010; then, what did you do from your side for the issue? Did u write any blog then? No, coz, there was not aamir khan or anyother highprofile celebrity. Why did it require aamir khan to make you write the blog now? Why can’t you write a blog about female foeticide? What have you done on your part?

    I reiterate, it’s people like you who are the greatest enemies of social workers, not even the social criminals are. For you never allow a social worker to make you aware about the issues around.A social worker can’t change the society alone. He/she atleast needs support from every members of the society not the skeptism. i’m not callling aamir a social worker, he is just an actor.

    Now, even if one percent of those who watched satyamev jayate, if they are changed in their thoughts; it’s a huge achievement.

    in 2010, you watched zindagi live n u forgot. U gave damn. U went ignorant

    I would have given you same appreciation as I am giving to Aamir, had you had done something on your part too to raise the awareness in people about the issue you witnessed in zindagi live, through your writings, through your blogs. understand this; you can’t raise the awareness giving logics, writing reviews. You can do it by touching people’s heart. This is something kinda hard thing. Coz, when a social worker visits ur home, u tend to watch TV than listen to the tragedies of people. How many programmes of social issues have you actually watched in TV? Why did u watch Satyamev jayate? I know, coz u were striving to find a fault in there. You were less interested in issue, n more interested in actor’s proceedings, audience reactions.

    You are making this a tea-table talk, not the program. The program, be backed by whatever financial targets, has atleast tried to reach the people. Has atleast provoked some thought in people around.

    I know aamir is fake. He is a entertainer, an actor. Acting itself is fake. But, as long as the fakeness does something good, people like you who boast of being real, keeping yourself in the comfort of your own selfish desires, should better turn optimistic and do something on your part too.

    People like you find it more easy to share cheap jokes in FB than to share the message of social service.

    whatever i have written here, is based on the experience we, my and every member of the the campaign save birateshwor old age home, had during our social awareness campaign.

    People have this habit to hear only the loud speakers, so be it.


  10. Highly disliked, atleast focus on the good things of the show instead of the revenues and profit.
    And the show is mostly focussed on the poor and illiterate ppl who all are not aware of these things, the results for the same will be terrible.
    The show is not for you who can write very good english and do decent calculations.
    And the facts you have mentioned above are useless and applicable to all the celebrities.
    I think you should stop watch the show and focus on your blog writing.


  11. Well i assume you’re the one who wants to standout from the rest of the crowd to take a rather “different” stance just to make yourself visible.. Isnt it like the central theme of your attack on Aamir khan as well .. More of a publicity stunt again or a marvellous show of hippocracy i should say ?

    Whatever the show was , the emotions of those females on that show were real and the problem is very real too.. And even if it was a little overdramatic where’s the harm in being so for a real cause ? Are you jealous if someone is making some money over this. Whats the harm if there is some sort of public awareness created even if some money is made over it ?

    He has gone ahead to meet the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for the issue.. Name another person who would go ahead and do such a thing.. Would u move your ass even a bit for such cause ?

    I dont think so. I am sure you would just sit and write another blog on someone who takes such an initiative.. Its very easy to sit there in your comforts and write such comments..

    Get a life and if you cannot appreciate something good. please refrain from writing and then sharing such blogs.. Oh Damn i forgot.. We’re a democratic nation.. My apologies 🙂


  12. Well analysed, Well written!!! I agree to certain extent but honestly you are being little too harsh on Aamir. Every word is screaming ‘I love SRK’. Stupid things done by someone you like are cute. Cute things done by someone you don’t like are irritating. What’s wrong if Aamir is doing a ‘commercial show on a proper commercial channel backed by corporate sponsors and anchored by a celebrity’, why not keep same rule for everyone. Isn’t getting TRPs out of raising social issue better than getting TRPs out of showing losers abusing each other in a locked home or getting TRPs out of doing running commentary for people falling over each other? I hope you are little less judgmental on Aamir. Don’t expect him to be Mother Teresa because he is NOT. I wonder why there was not a single positive thing written about Aamir & show. Give credit where it is due. Love you Bro !! 🙂


  13. Buddy, scepticism in moderation is good. But seems its in overdose here ! Why are so sinical about an effort like this? Maybe you should stick to saas bahu. If you are not emotional. Undeerstand airtime needs money no one gives it for free and ads promotion should be part. Itys only way to bring impact. My success rating gives the show enough for its role in bringing awareness and supporting the ngos. Good to be critic but not sinic

    Scepticism in moderation is good


  14. fuck you all ! u soulless a holes.ur life is all abt criticism. just bcoz guyz like you my country is in this jeopardy i abandoned u guyz from free speech bloody cocksuckers .khud to zindgi main kuch kiya nahi kissi ko kerte hue dekh bhi nahi sakte.Rascalas LMAO


  15. you stupid douchebags…first improve your vocab and grammar….and then post comments….fucking couldn’t understand half of what you said you stupid schmuck vasundhar “chichundar” fucking “bandar”…get a life…someone who can’t even spell “CYNIC” has no right to even touch the damn keyboard….it’s a fucking insult….!!!!….now how many likes for this comment of mine…???…c’mon ppl show the wolf some love….!!…


  16. ROFL….!!!…dude i’d give a 1000 likes for this comment of yours….it’s just fucking hilarious…!!…you should start your own blog service….simply outrageous…!!…lmao…!!!….


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  18. I totally agree with the writer! Amir Khan is a total fraud. I have never heard of the man doing any positive deeds for the Indian conmunity. He is a great actor who just believes in collecting money by bringing social issues to the forefront. What a loser!


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