MAUSAM brings back the “old world” romance into Hindi cinema

Right from the time the first poster of Mausam came on the front page of a national daily I somehow knew that I will like this film. The look, promos, music all seemed good. But more than this; for me the very reason to watch Mausam was that one of the finest actors in the country was wearing the director’s hat. The name Pankaj Kapur was enough! And now that I have seen the film I will say that I was not disappointed. It’s NOT a flawless film and much has been written about it so I write why you should watch Mausam!

Mausam is an old-fashioned story of love, separation and reunion told with charm & elegance. Mausam takes you back to the golden days when there was innocence in romance.  The love story between Harry & Aayat unfurls in the small town of Punjab and the conventional way in which love flourishes between them is pure magic. It’s a beautiful journey which makes you think that where has this pure romance gone from our lives.

The vintage love story travels from the rural ‘Genhu ke khet’ in Punjab to the lush green meadows of Switzerland & Scotland. It transcends geographical boundaries and also leaps beyond time zones. It proceeds through stolen glances and unsaid words (Aayat & Harry never say ‘I love you’ to each other). Shahid’s boyish charm, Sonam’s coy femininity; their unexpressed feelings makes you ponder that pure romance has disappeared not only from movies but also from real life. Mausam has its share of some wonderful moments which arouse every emotion in the inner core of human hearts. Like the scene where both Harry & Aayat express their feelings through hand written notes. In the age of SMS & E-mails Mausam makes you realise that technology might be cool but it is so impersonal. Or the scene where Sonam sings ‘Abhi na Jao Chodh Ke’; eyes do all the work in this scene. Beautifully done. The magic of silence! Rain has never failed to cast a spell on the 70mm screen and in Mausam also the protagonists lie down under the pouring clouds and express their love on a rain soaked terrace. And if this is not enough you have the usual sweet and salty jealous moment  in the film when Harry calls Aayat but her cousin Akram picks up the call. Also, the scene when Shahid frantically runs into the snow to meet Aayat because he cannot wait for the next train which leaves in another hour. One might laugh and say ‘Yeh Zyada Ho Gaya’ (One of my friends said that). I replied *This* is called TRUE LOVE!

You can call me old fashioned but if tomorrow I fall in love I would any day prefer to write a letter rather than type a message.  Give MAUSAM a chance as it infuses the nostalgia and brings back the “old world” romance into Hindi cinema!


9 thoughts on “MAUSAM brings back the “old world” romance into Hindi cinema

  1. I actly njoyd reading about it (d way u hv written) more than watchin d actual movie… must say i njoyd all these things in d movie too, but d last 20 minutes overshadowed all d good scenes i enjoyed.. Reading about it made me realize again hw well “true love” was depected in the movie, in a typically old fashioned way.. it makes us feel dat the old world charm is still present, however minutely, in our lives…
    Very well written rahul… makes for a really nice read… 🙂


  2. Lovely review. Your gf would be one lucky girl as only a few boys can appreciate such finer romantic things in life.

    Haven’t seen the movie yet. I look forward to it. People find Sonam really irritating but I like her.


  3. Aww. How should I say this.. You’ve written this in some “flow” and I just went with it. Pankaj Kapoor’s name is enough for me to buy all seats in a theatre. Beautiful review, Rahul 🙂


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