Mumbai Diaries

It was March 1993; The ‘Phalgun’ month. People of India are always upbeat around this time welcoming the arrival of spring season. The chill disappears with warmth tapping at our doors. Beautiful colored flowers and their sweet aroma had filled the air around me. Everything around was vibrant and colourful. Suddenly I saw red all over. I thought it was Holi. But I was wrong. Amidst the cries of people I realised that the red that had painted me was the blood of my people. It was a terror attack. Bonfires were lit that night and many other following nights. Sadly it was not the Holika Dehan !!

It is 2011 and after getting raped brutally & heartlessly by constant terror attacks I am exasperated now. I am tired of watching dead bodies that get laid on my streets every time an explosion occurs. I feel suffocated when I listen to the cries of children & their parents who lose each other every time an attack occurs. A morbid feeling envelopes me when I see old couples trying hard to meet their ends because they lost their son/daughter in one of the many attacks.  I am filled with remorse every Rakshabandhan when I see the empty wrists of brothers who have lost their sisters. I feel helpless when I see people remembering their loved ones every year on their death anniversaries. I feel dejected when I see political parties playing politics over deaths also. I cannot handle the pain of losing my people anymore now.

They say my spirit is unmatched and my people are brave; who fight every time a blast occurs. But they don’t see the grief; the pain in our eyes. I am neither brave nor am I spirited; it’s just that I don’t have an option. My people board a local the very other day of the blast because if they don’t their family will die of hunger anyways. Kids go to schools because they have to learn. I don’t want candle light marches. I don’t want sympathy. I don’t want stupid tokenism. I want JUSTICE. I want SECURITY. I want ACTION. They talk of resilience and encourage us but I am fatigued after coping up always. I feel like a ball who is tired of “bouncing back” to normal. I fear I will burst soon. I fear one day the spirit, the resilience and the courage will vanish off with the black smoke that arises every time a bomb goes down my spine  !!


5 thoughts on “Mumbai Diaries

  1. I have no words to describe this… No comments this time dude… You have surpassed yourself…
    It is high time the people of our country realise that we have suffered enough… It is completely wrong to show that we are strong enough to return to our normal lifestyle just days after an attack. The more we do so, the more these people will try to break us… We have to fight back, without relying on these selfish nd insensitive people governing our nation..thinking that they will do some good…they will just keep filling their pockets without giving a damn about our welfare n safety… It seems to be high time we have another revolution in our nation!!!!


  2. Dude… Totally co-liner with Ranji… but I am Speechless! I mean you have actually shaken us up… made to realise… Just b’coz we r not the one’s actually suffering today… tomorrow it could well be us! Let rise up… and be the change we want to see ! Kudos man… !


  3. People who get saved resumed to normal not the people who suffered. Spirit thing is bullshit. There is no spirit, the real fight we have to fight for the “Roti” broadly and sadly nowadays even government is in competition to take the bite of our mouths so we suffer another blasts.Fight for Roti is more important than the people involved in blasts, so city moves on.

    I hope we take Action, not with words on twitter by slamming ideas and making opinions but by going out when fight for roti is over which actually seems impossible.


  4. I am seriously in anger after reading this post. Yes, we need security. Our government should start acting as soon as possible. For how long will we have to bear all this? Why the terrorists are so confident when they think about Mumbai as their target? Something is lacking and govt sud fill that area… We want safety.. plzz,


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