What’s the FUN?

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Religions are different roads converging to the same point. What does it matter that we take different road, so long as we reach the same goal. Wherein is the cause for quarrelling?”

Though I am not an admirer of Gandhi but for a change I absolutely agree with him. But of late I have realised that things are not that simple as they appear when we talk about religion. The whole concept “God is One” perhaps seems too artificial to me and I think this looks good on paper only because reality is quite different.

Gone are the days when saints like Kabir used to sing “Tu hi Ram hai. Tu hi Rahim hai” and people of that era even believed in the essence of the same. But as iron gets rusted over a period of time so has this concept! But I don’t complain much because in this “kalyug” when morality is on a downside I do expect people to fight over petty issues like religion. And I ‘fail’ to understand what kind of pleasure or orgasm people get by mocking each other’s religion? I don’t want to encroach upon anybody’s right to freedom of expression. We all have that power in a democracy but as Spiderman says “With great power comes great responsibility”. But sadly we don’t understand the responsibility. Moreover my recent experience on the social networking site “TWITTER” makes me say so with full conviction.

There are Hindus, Muslims and even Atheists in my timeline and it’s always an enriching experience discussing religion with them. They have issues with Polytheism and caste system in Hinduism; I have issues with treatment of women in Islam and so on and so forth. I discuss and forget but many don’t! Why do we want to question somebody’s belief? A person is born with a religion and she/he grows up believing that there is a Ram, Allah, Wahe Guru, Jesus etc. (Okay atheists would *strongly* disagree) . And when we talk about India I think we all are too emotional when it comes to religion that’s why I see a zillion tweets where people are mocking other religions and literally wasting their time. Hindus making fun of Prophet Muhammad and questioning the very essence of Quran. Muslims reiterating by making fun of Kaali Mata, questioning the caste system in Hindu Society and also mocking the Jews by commenting on their cap, nose etc. People writing blogs to prove how good is their religion and how bad other’s is. Similarly the ‘disputed’ “Everybody draws Mohammad Day” page on Facebook saw a large number of people actually drawing Mohammad! In all this, I fail to understand that what exactly is so funny in this? Why this Insanity which knows no bounds? What do they want to prove? Will Ram reward the Hindus if they abuse Prophet or will Allah bless the Muslims if they mock Hindus or Jews? Don’t they have some common sense which says that it is utterly foolish & dumb to get involved in such discussions? Or are they messengers of God on a mission to convert people?

I think it’s time we all start behaving in a civilised manner. I am sure that we all have some really important issues to discuss & debate upon rather than mocking other’s beliefs. Religion is a personal choice & very sensitive issue. Now many would say that what’s the harm in discussing religion? There is of course no harm if somebody voices his concerns against a few anarchic ideas that exist today under the skin of “Religion”. But that is it! We have no right, I repeat No Right to mock other religions, their practices, beliefs in the name of freedom of speech. Life is too short to get into the nuances and critical examination of any religion.It really should not matter to us what other’s follow or believe because at the end we all are Homo sapiens. I know it sounds a cliché but its one thing which we all need to learn. Remember “God has no religion” so stop bothering God at least!


3 thoughts on “What’s the FUN?

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  2. hmm.. waise toh i agree wid ur whole point.. i jst fail 2 understnd wat kick ppl gt in criticising other religions.. if u really wnt 2 fynd faults, thn u hv a ryt 2 do so in ur own religion… y target others?????
    bt ths article sumhw doesnt seem cmplt.. smthng seems missing… or mayb its only dat its nt posbl 2 cover d whole tpc in a sngl artcl… stl.. gud tpc n well dn….. kip it goin dude…. want more frequent posts frm u!!!!


  3. 🙂
    As you say Sire!
    No bothering God! 😉
    I just wanna bother the saffron terrorists!

    P.S. There’s an up-side to religion, that still exists; even in Kalyug!


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