Fair & Lovely…!! Are we being UN’FAIR’?

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams! – Ashley smith

When I say the word ‘beautiful’ the first thing that comes to our mind is something which is appealing and physically attractive. Even the dictionary ‘Thesaurus’ states the same. But here I would like to go with an age-old saying that “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. I absolutely agree with it as different people have different outlook towards beauty.

But when I talk about our country INDIA and the general society; of which we all are a part of, the definition of beautiful is “Fair”. And this is where my concern starts.

I would like to share my thoughts on Indian’s Obsession with FAIRNESS!!! INDIA- The land where Mahatma Gandhi was born and who apart from getting us all Independence from the British, fought a battle against the racial discrimination prevailing at that time. We respect him and his ideals but still we ourselves are trapped in this colour game and the large market for “Fairness Creams” is a proof.

I get frustrated when I see these commercials because they change the whole meaning of an average  Indian girl! I mean do girls really want to look fair? Is it an obligation in our society? “TUM HAUNSLA DE DO” this is what is repeated during the whole advertisement. Hello…. Where are we living? Are we those big fools who take them literally and buy them? And the reports say that many metro cities have a big market for these creams. This clearly shows it’s not a matter of being literate or being a metro-city dweller and we certainly can’t blame the company for making such products or TVC’S because this is a case of simple Economics– “Demand & Supply”.

And the demand is so much that we have a “Mard Wali” Fairness Cream? Though I absolutely love SRK but I was disappointed when I saw him endorsing the same. And now John Abraham & Shahid Kapoor joins the list. They should learn from Aishwarya Rai who refused to endorse the fairness cream range from L’Oreal.

The larger question is where are we heading to? Isn’t all this a serious type of RACISM? What do we want to prove that people with a dark complexion are low on confidence and are big failures in life? Come on this is bull shit! We are tensed about the racial attacks in Australia but I think we need to clean the mess here in our own country also. And I have some really sickening examples to prove this.

“Hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hain”, “Jiski biwi gori uska bhi bada naam hai” , Ek garam chai ki pyali ho.. chahe “GORI ho ya KALI ho!! WTF?? These are some of the songs from our movies which show us the importance of being ‘FAIR’ or the ‘disadvantage’ of being dark..eh..!!. Then we have serials also which show the dark-complexioned girls facing all the troubles in getting married. They feel dejected, miserable, pitiable and what not! When will all this stop? I am saturated now!! I pray to Lord Krishna that please knock some sense into people who give your example to convince those who are dark-skinned that “Krishna ji bhi to kale the” Ugh!!

I know it’s clichéd but it’s a FACT! It’s all about inner beauty.. I would like to end this post by quoting few lines:

“Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.”

Let’s get up and take a pledge that we’ll stop this petty act if we do and let’s hope that INDIA becomes a land where Fair is not always Lovely!!!


9 thoughts on “Fair & Lovely…!! Are we being UN’FAIR’?

  1. I can just say your post is B E A UTIFUL 🙂 i agree wit the fact dat more concern s given to fairness as beauty in India,beauty isn’t d physical appeal,rather its d beauty of d heart which makes a person lively.. Nice article bro,keep up the spirit… N wonderful topic to come up which has become d integral part of 99 oops 100% of us … Dr Waseem Ansari 🙂


  2. Dear friend,
    good one wit lot of colours,pictures you have added wil tel much stories:- you talk about fair,th world today needs some visiting cards if you r not born wit silver spoon,for that fair s really a tool to get impression in first appearance:- 2nd ly u talked about india joining together not th country wit any types of movements can do that its th peoples mind and their own confidence can tackle any issues ! and today fairness cream s much used by men than ladies. in th changing world such topics are out of context.only be a star you need to be fair but wit talent you wil be equally respected and highly remembered,rajni kanth,nana patekar, and many ways obama r example. even myself s black but i don feel for that i look wit confidence and take any challenges put forward,this s th way new india is moving.


  3. wat a topic dude…amazing…….it is serious issue in India……Parents want dere daughters to b fair, in laws want dere bahus to b fair so dat they hav fairer gen next…it is a whole vicious circle…society really need to broaden up.!!!


  4. Agrre wid ur views dude …
    its just another kind of racism.. But its diff. To change the ideas of beauty in whole indian population..
    for me i feel tht a “sanwali” is a sexy..
    its a #instantturnons for me..
    u wrote very well .. Touched..


  5. Wooow… Impressive… Really… Ppl really hv these weired notions about ‘fairness’ in relation to beauty… and its nt jst fr gals… i remember a known person’s frst condition wen they were lukin fr a match fr hr… she didnt care ant anythn other dan dat he shud b really fair… i found dat really really disgusting… i mean isnt a persons gud heart more a prerequisite fr marriage????
    and d worst thng z dat evn dark ppl hv this notion… thn hw wl others b any diffrent??? This z one crius problem dat z vry prevelent in our country needs to b adressed properly…
    waise gud wrk… a five star rating fr this article 🙂 … Kip it up!!!!!


  6. 🙂
    someone i dont remeber once said, “I m sick of all this nonsense-beauty being skin deep. what else do u want? adorable kidneys?” lol!!
    Well, in India, there are two notions for beauty- khoobsurati and sundarta.. they r different. one is skin deep, the other defines the soul. unfortunately, there arent corresponding words in the english language. 😦 but dnt tk the increasing market of fairness creams as discrimination people. its only natural for a human to want to be more attractive. and what would be more b’ful for u? charred coal or white lilies? we just have a natural tendency toward the lighter shade. but dnt think india takes fair to be SUNDAR. we have huge fan following of Bipasha Basu, Rani Mukherjee, and even Deepika padukone isnt that fair. sanvli is the word. to talk of it, i wonder if SRK himself is fair, outsyd of those advertisements. The heads of our country arent the fair beauties. And, moreover, everyone who is fair is also not considered pretty. recall rahul ka swayamvar,most of the females were fair, but hardly 2 or 3 were beautiful! it is more about the poise with which u caryy urself that matters. I have friends from school who are dark but look AWESOME and HOT! 😉 dont judge the increasing market for fairnes creams to be indicating what india thinks!!
    in fact, i know people who loathe too much of fair skin. they prefer browns! and u call it discrimination when u r not given jobs bcz of your colour, or people take up fights with you becoz of ur colour. the increasing market could possibly be becoz people want to remove all their tanning without emptying their pockets a lot!! after all, how effective are these creams??
    We indians are still very nice. and most of india is dark. south indians, central indians, all the coastal areas… this craze for fairness is only a part of north india that surfaces at the time of marriages and child birth. and that too becoz north indians are mostly fair, and we prefer being a part of the crowd than fyt against the horrid society. we just want a simpler life so we want fairer kids. but we dont love them ne less if our kids are dark!!

    I disagree. No racial discrimination. But khubsurati is stressed. yes.



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