Wo’MEN’ is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.

Woman must not accept; she must challenge.
She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;
she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.

~ Margaret Sanger ~

Of late there has been a lot happening in the country. We have had a controversial IPL  season 3, Sania getting married to Shoaib and media going mad over it, Tharoor one of the most decent ‘neta’ resigning, RTI Act, Women Reservation Bill, Jessica Lal getting justice after 11 years, Dantewada massacre which took away 76 CRPF Jawans and much more. But through this post I discuss something which has been bothering me from a long time.

When the news of Sania marrying Shoaib broke there were so many questions that came up but one question that was asked to Sania by every reporter and which was on everyone’s lips was ” Will you continue to play for India? OR Which team will you cheer for from now onwards?” Nobody even ‘cared’ to ask the same question to Shoaib!

Now, I was wondering why the hell people are after poor Sania? And trust me, the answer was very simple “Because She is WOMAN’! Even citing this reason makes me feel so outmoded but at the end this is reality. We are living in the 21st century where India is progressing by leaps & bounds but when it comes to women, I feel sorry as a ‘man’ because the way we treat them is atrocious.

What kind of society is our’s where a woman is answerable to the whole world but a man is not?  Why every time women are made the scape goat and why do men escape as smart ‘asses’?? The problems women face are huge and I really don’t think I can do any justice to their severity and through this post I discuss some of the things which disturb me!

I recently read somewhere that the Pakistani Media is calling Sania Mirza – ‘Malik’ now. Now it has nothing to with Pakistan but it just makes me wonder why the hell women have to change their surname/last name after marriage? I mean WTF is this and who the hell came up with this concept? Why can’t men change their surname OR Why can’t be there no changing business at all? I really don’t know how women adjust with it. At least I feel it should be women’s call only. And though I don’t support the trend of using ‘two’ surname’s also viz. “Aishwarya Rai Bachchan”, “Shilpa Shetty Kundra”! Can’t they keep it a Rai or Shetty ONLY? Why to oblige your husband or the society? But still something is better than nothing!

“A woman needs to be a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom” (Read it while searching the net). Agreed cooking is an art and it is always said women and kitchen go hand in hand. But I seriously wonder that in which book is it written that men can’t cook? Why is it that the society thinks that kitchens are ‘tailor-made’ for women only? Men can work as chefs in hotels but they want women to cook for them at home. Why? Ofcourse the issue I raise is very weird! Weird because society is now set like this only and even women are set accordingly. And am quite sure that things won’t change even when I get married but the larger question is can’t men help women with all this? Why always women have to toil themselves with the household chores? I am not even sure that the question I raise is how much valid but at least I feel so!

Women in India and all over the world face a lot. The few points I raised are nothing when compared to female infanticide, rapes, dowry etc. But still I felt like sharing my views with all because I strongly respect women and I absolutely believe they are stronger than all men in everywhere be it emotionally or be it mentally!

I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have it. He’s just incapable of it.- Barbara Jordan

And I say this because I have many ‘girl’ friends (not literally) and they are way mature and understanding than me. My mother, my nani, my aunt’s, everyone I know are just super woman’s. And come on let’s be honest and take a pledge that no more male chauvinism yaar. It’s time we realise that we all are normal human beings and we all are equal.

It’s time we shun all the age-old rural ideas, beliefs, practices and whatever and make this world a better place to live for women where they can breathe freely. And I am sure if every man thinks even for a second about her mother before doing any thing wrong, things would be different!! Now, I would like to end this post  by quoting a few lines:

“Woman was taken out of man; not out of his head to top him, nor out of his feet to be trampled underfoot; but out of his side to be equal to him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be loved”

P.S. – Guyz I know it’s a very immature article and I know I can write better but seriously I have just written what my heart said. Hope you all like it 🙂


13 thoughts on “Wo’MEN’ is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.

  1. Dnt underestimate ur article by calling it immature….A ages old issue bt still every women face it everyday!!!!! Its high tym we broaden our mind n respect women who bring us in dis world, feed us n make us wat we are…!!!! I get carried away on dis issue….BTW nice article rahul!!!


  2. hey d article z nice but ofcourse u cud have written better but since its coming 4m ur heart thn its gud……but will yu seriusly follow d pledge later in ur life?????


  3. Beautiful blog bro,my views go hand in hand wit yours,but am not blessed as u to present it so wonderfully,love the thoughts comin from ur heart and i respect u 4 such a heart tingling article 🙂 hats off… Dr Waseem Ansari


  4. 😦
    i know….
    i hate my gender…
    but equality is too idealistic…
    i mean we ask for it so what do we get?
    ok go to skul study, but u cnt b earning more thn ur husbnd…
    ego hassles..
    some girl may be sharper than half the male population bt she wud still work under them, bcz she’z a woman..
    women cnt rly tk up business or politics as a professn.. achha nai lagta..
    we cried to be allowed to work outside homes, they said fine go..
    but dnt frgt ur household duties ever..
    our previous roles remain whr they wr..
    evrything else that we want, is at our own risk and promise that our so called original responsibilities will not suffer…
    and ironically, women breed this behaviour… take pride in it…
    and you know whr the root lies?
    we ask for freedom.. we want to be ALLOWED.. i mean y do we hv to beg someone to give us smthing that is our’s.. any man wud jst snatch it away and gv the snatcher a big tyt one btwn his legs!!
    we need to believe that freedom is ours if we eant to be free..
    and dt will never happen!!
    gals will be gals forever..
    baghban ka dialog h na… ladkiyo k liye duniya kabhi nai badalti…

    i hate this society thingy!!

    thumbs up to u though!!
    kp goin!


  5. since childhood v ve always read in our hindi books-
    “ram school jata hai, radha khaana banati hai…..” y it cant be lyk ram aur radha school jate hai??..infact i still remebr a story frm one f my hindi book…. It depicted d gender discrimination…..! n d grl used 2 express this injustice saying: KYA KARU! LADHKI HOON NA……! n it still exists……
    Despite efforts at local, national, and international levels, women and girls continue to face discrimination……
    well dont knw when v’ll b treated equally????


  6. well put dude… nd its really gud to c dat some guy at least has d decency to think of all this… after all watever v say ths really is a society filled wid mcp’s who dnt gv a damn abt hw d women r treated…. i mean v r nt puppets dat v r every tym moulded to do wat others want frm us… frst parents, thn husband, in-laws – v hv to listen to every one except wat our own heart says…. dont v hv our own identity??? nd ths happens evn in 2days “modern” world… nothin’s ever changed as yet nd nthn ever wl unless d mindset of guys also chnges… dnt mind bt ths z one tpc i get carried away in!!!

    Waise i must say… HA!!!! M sooooo proud of u!!! 😉 …. Its gud 2 c dat u thot of expressing ur thots on ths tpc… well dun!!!!


  7. m a bit surprised bcz whatever u hav written i dn thnk even 10% of the male population would agree….but it zreally nice of u(lucky girl ur wud b wife)…since d we a born we are symbolised as an household article….GHAR ki laxmi..GHAR kishobha..GHAR ki izzat…blah blah blah…evrythng is concerned with GHAR….being a girl i can understand it in a betterway…
    this world is full of MALE CHAUVINISM nd will ever be…nothing can change it because now it has got into genes….and after all women is the biggest enemy of women. No single mother in law wants her daughter in law to be treated as equal as her son…it z a girl who has to leave her home after marriage…in any history no girl had ever demanded dowry…but she is tortured for that….
    i end it here only o/w i will write a full article….let it be a comment…gud subject…keep going!!!!!


  8. aha! im impressed……..uv touched a v sensitive side f me…trust me ya!! twaz a gud attempt dude…but do you think it can eva change d bldy mind of the conventional society we live in? naaaaaah! had it bn possible dan life f a women wud been equivalent to man……..a grl has to accept d fact n compromise throughout! smtmz i feel so claustrophobic man………..i mean its so sick ya…..jus thing d mere thought of it mks u feel so disgusted……..dan think bout us who take it bldy for r entire life…….mks you feel so unwanted sumtmz…..i personally c no possible solution for it…………it is so deep rooted in r Indian society dat no1 realises dat by their orthodox and biased nature dey tread on d dreams f million women everyday……….
    bt twaz a nice attempt………lov u 4 dis!!!


  9. Hey…. look gr8 stuff… and I thoroughly second the fact that… Women are Equals….

    But But But…. okay… by the time I complete my sentence… Ranji would be fuming… Now, Nothing much can be done abt changing surenames… we might just think of it as…. women r like angels… they lighten up their as well as someone else’s family… Then… this stuff about women being respectd…. Hmm… It would be wrong to put the entire blame on men alone…. women are mothers… and being that… they DO have a pivotal role in a child’s upbringing…. Think about it…..


  10. i lyk the way u xprss the biggst prob of society…u said wat always disturbs me…hmari upbringing hi esi h….jaha father ko head smjha jata h…y the hell nobody teach their children k jitne dcsns lene ka right fathr ko h utta hi mother ko h…giv equal ryts to ur daughter and son…this gonna b mk ur son a gud man….he will nevr treat othr gal lyk h puppet…but it hurts when men treat a woman as his puppet…it’s not honourable it’s shameful fo those guys who do so…n many gals r used to f this hidden prision…evry gal shud b aware n has to stand agnst


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