Why I hate going to MARRIAGES?

Marriages are made in heaven! This is one of the most widely used and most frequently used line all over the world to describe marriage in a very simple way. But we forget that marriages are consummated on this earth. Earth means ‘SOCIETY’! And this irks me! Now you must be thinking why I say that?

Though I absolutely believe in the concept of marriage and I completely understand the whole celebrations and rituals going around BUT still there is something that forces me to avoid going to and attending these marriages and I am pretty sure that at least the teenagers would agree with me. I have so many points to make that I might miss on something so please oblige 🙂

First things first, the basic reason I avoid going to marriages is because if you are 22 and you are done with your graduation then you have the whole world around you who is worried about your future plans! Ab unhe kaun bataye “Biotech mein bahut scope hai”! (We are still researching the credibility of this statement 😛 ) And if you have a job then you have all the auntiji’s at your mom’s service suggesting her bahu’s. And god forbid if you are a girl then you are GONE!! I pity the girls because they are a soft target.. literally! I am sure every half an hour deals are done 😉

“Beta Pehchana”? “Beta paaon chuo” This is the biggest turn off at least for me. I mean you have loads of uncles and aunti ji’s whom your parents introduce to you and then goes Bournvita Quiz Contest where you have to crack the tough question that who the hell is the person standing in front of you! Bachpan mein to hamari god mein khela hai.. SO? How do I recognise you now? Huh. Then added trouble is you have to touch everyone’s charan. I mean I respect this tradition of taking blessings from our elders but COME ON does that mean every one is welcomed.. eh??

Okay now when the guessing game ends you go on to meet the bride and bride-groom which is so irritating. I mean you don’t even know them and here you are posing with them for I don’t know what? And if you are a kid you would be made to sit in the centre of the couple like ‘haddi’ in the ‘kebab’! Huh

Next, after all this when one thinks of gorging on the delicious food in the marriages which is the only saving grace I guess, you have the photographer hovering around the whole area, focussing on your plates as if he has paid for the food in the marriage. Every move of yours Every bite you take is under vigilance. I mean after all the sweat and energy lost in BQC and touching of umpteenth charan’s you can’t even eat in solace! And girls are again a soft target here. The photographers love to zoom in on their plates and ahmm.. ahmm.. 😛

And if all that is not enough you will find silly kids running here and there and dancing on the floor as if they are future MJ! And to top it, the parents are so happy watching their kids do all this stuff! :-/

Well, I have tried my best to cite reasons which force me to skip marriages but at the end its part of our Society and am sure when I get married or when my friends get married in the near future, it will all remain the same just the victims would change! 😀

P.S.- The above post is written keeping in mind a typical ‘North Indian’ wedding. It might be different in rest of the country.

Having said all this I have to mention that I love all the dance, songs, masti and dhamaal in Indian Weddings and I leave you all with a video from the movie ‘Bride & Prejudice’ which is my all time favorite wedding number.


17 thoughts on “Why I hate going to MARRIAGES?

  1. lolz…..being a girl and that too of 22, i can undrstnd this from my heart…….absolutely true….mast hai…. i can recall all that type of memories i have suffered….me too hate going to marriages…


  2. well though vent been 2 marriages since long tym… i ws in 8th wen i saw a marriage fr my cousin…. n now my another cousin s gettin married in june n aftr reading this m planning not 2 go!!!waise I believe if ur parents r on ur side then U R SAFE!
    yeah, its true dat others think k they r perfect match maker!… GOD ! So irritating….


  3. wow sharma!!! Dat pic fr me??? M sooooo honoured!!! HUH!!!
    waise i completely agree wid ths view point… n dats 1 of d main reasons dat hv mostly stopd atndng marriages… warna un logon ka bas chale toh abi tk meri shadi ho gai hogi!!! huh… nd i really dnt understand d need fr so mch of extravagance in marriages… i mean i agree v hv 2 follow all d rituals, bt it cn b dn in a normal manner too…
    khair it z a really good article… well done… waitin fr more… keep it up dude!!!!!


  4. ha ha one of the most hilarious but truly speaking fitting the frame of a north Indian “youth”.i wud not be mentioning that abt south Indians though…..as i have not attended any…..but i guess u have covered all d major points of “not” attending the big fat weddings…..lolz…keep up the gud work….


  5. Heheheheh…
    🙂 haye!! kinna bada thi gaye!!! humne toh jb dekha tha itna sa tha…..
    all tym fav line of all padosis u’ve ever had..
    and then some irritating auntys asking the other auntys ki ye kiski beti h??
    as if shadi is the start all n end all of everything!!
    but anyway… i love weddings!!
    the big fat part is the most enjoyable part!!
    these marriage-crazy aunties can nvr tk d msti craze away!!

    kudos for the article!!


  6. hmmmmmmmm…nice…even i have started avoiding these ceremonies…..being eldest in family wat all my relatives r wooried abt is ..Marriage….!! “Next u” is d phrase i hav started hating…sometyms its so traumic dat u get nightmares !! I cn relate wid ur article..nyc!!


  7. You said ……..
    “And if all that is not enough you will find silly kids running here and there and dancing on the floor as if they are future MJ! And to top it, the parents are so happy watching their kids do all this stuff!”
    ………..I know how well behaved you were [:)]………..apna time bhul gaya………..jalebi ke mafeek seedha tha tu…………..


  8. Omg! So true! You’re an expert at blogging. I had the same xperience at a recent naming ceremony, though i thoroughly enjoyed meetin my relatives. Got so many unxpected gifts including laptop frm my dear uncle in usa. Also got literally kicked several times by my 3-4 yr old nephew! Well, today there was a marriage party at bagalkot but couldn’t attend due to various reasons. Wish i had been in the midst of the crowd at this time!
    Again, cheers to thee 4 such a wonderful article by future barkha dutt! ;-D


  9. I was recently subjected to this torture and I am a south Indian. It is worse in south because marriages are boring and you still have the AUNTS. There are no good songs (well coming from me its a bit skewed coz I spent most of life in a hindi speaking place and there are very few tamil songs that I really like), no dancing, no non-veg food… No teasing around nothing… Out ‘shrad ceremony’ and ‘marriages’ go at the same pace.

    I am 22, going to graduate and a girl. I spent 2 days crying post-ceremony. I guess that speaks it all.


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