JAWAN’S LIFE: Taken for Granted?

Its been one week since the ‘Dantewada massacre’ and I write this post not to discuss the problem of Naxalism in India or to propose solutions to the problem. Nor do I write this post to pay tribute to the 76 CRPF Jawans who died in this attack because I strongly feel the real tribute will be when their deaths don’t go unnoticed and they get justice!

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is a paramilitary security agency/Force functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), Government of India. The CRPF’s primary role lies in assisting the State/Union Territories in police operations to maintain law and order and contain insurgency. The CRPF is the largest paramilitary force in the world with 210 battalions besides various establishments. Of late, CRPF contingents are also being deployed in UN missions.

Now this gives a very rosy picture of the CRPF jawans in our country but the reality is quite different from it and it reminds me of the line which Napoleon Bonaparte quoted:

“Soldiers usually win the battles and generals get the credit for them.”  And here in India the situation is worse. How can we expect the jawans to fight during insurgencies when they don’t have proper weapons only and they are fighting for basic amenities like water, shelter and medicines? I was shocked to see the poor state of CRPF jawans in Dantewada recently in a documentary by NDTV. The recent naxal attack brought into the light the conditions in which these jawans live!

Weapons are not the only problem,” a CRPF deputy commandant in Dantewada said. “We face shortages of medicines and rations in our base camps; we are yet to figure out how to treat our men who fall sick in the camps from malaria or diarrhea; we get no doctors here.” Chintalnar camp, like many other base camps tucked inside the forests in the densely forested Bastar region, faces water scarcity and food shortages. And in the scorching summer, scarcity of food and water means half the battle is lost.

They are required to walk on foot for at least 20 km daily with a load of around 15 kg to 20 kg, including the firearms! And what is their mistake? That they chose to serve the country and its people without caring about their life or family! It’s shameful on government’s part. In America the soldiers are offered handsome salaries and umpteenth number of perks which is absolutely justified given the job they do. The families of the soldiers also lead a secure life if in case he loses life!

BUT, here the jawans don’t have access to food and water. There are no doctors to treat them. Malaria is a common disease in the camps and in the absence of proper medication it worsens  leading to ‘brain fever’ and ultimately deaths. They don’t even have proper weapons to defend themselves. There are  no ‘mine detectors’ to detect the mines which are laid frequently by the naxals. SO, what does this indicate?

The callous attitude of the government goes on to prove that in our country a jawan’s life is taken for granted! It hardly matters if they live or die. The ministers should remain safe and healthy! And its sad that the death of 76 CRPF  jawans in Dantewada made us look into the issue. I am sure the situation would be nearly same in all the CRPF camps on the country.

 This post is just a way to show how sorry I feel for the jawans. And I just pray that the jawans get their due at least now when things are out in the open. Its time a jawan gets what he deserves because I strongly believe that they deserve all the honour, respect and yes ‘perks’ also because what they do, is the most difficult job in this world!

I end this post by saying”

Let’s not WAIT, Let’s not DEBATE!

Come let’s PROPOGATE…

And not allow the country to STAGNATE!!


5 thoughts on “JAWAN’S LIFE: Taken for Granted?

  1. hmmm… actly sharma ths article sounds a lot lyk a tribute to all jawans… khair d topic z lyk dat only… bt nxt tym i want a personal article from you… ok???


  2. well u gave a lite on d CRPF’s condition…..good attempt!
    This s one f d example to show d condition f those who lose their lyf fr d nation….
    Still d govt doesnt wake up! This has been happening since decades…
    Can v afford 2 lose dem lyk this?????????


  3. hmmm…
    true… start sendin your articles to the hindu or smthin
    they have an open page whr people can share their views.. who knows, urs might find the print!!
    but one thing to you sharma… y r all your blogs so critical?? excpt delhi.. appreciate the little good things of life!! and if not that, then dont list problems, we know them… tell us what to do about them..

    cheers! keep writing!


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