CWG 2010- What is the ‘common’ man doing?

 Come October and India will see the  largest multi-sport event conducted to date, in Delhi. The first ever ‘Green Games’. And ‘IF’ the games are a success then it would surely be a proud moment for the country and for all the Indians!

But for me the proud moment was way back in November 2003 when India won the bid to host the 2010 CWG by defeating Canada which had earlier hosted the games four times. I was on the moon at that time as my country had proved that it has the potential to host  an event which will be looked upon by the entire world! And now when we are only 5 months away from the D-Day I am disappointed!! Not with the Government but with the common man or the ‘aam aadmi’!!

Much has been said and much has been written about the sorry state of management and completion of projects. We all have our doubts that whether India will successfully conduct the games or not? What was the government doing since last 7 years? Where was our tax going? I absolutely agree that we have been ‘very’ slow in completing the projects and the deadlines were changed frequently. But the latest statement from the Organising committee says “The Games are going to take place from Oct 3-14 in India and there is no way the date or the venue is shifting.India will be ready in time to host a successful event.”

Now comes my concern! What have we done to ensure that the games are a successful event which makes India proud? Since the venue is Delhi, I raise the question to all the Delhiites only. The government is doing their stuff -building stadiums, improving the transport in the city, broadening the roads, making the auto wallahs learn english! In all Government is doing all it can do. But what have the people done so far?

We have public toilets everywhere but we still love to make the bricks around us salty or water the poor plants along the roadside. And if the public toilets are not good enough in numbers then think about women in such a situation .

We have dustbins but still its fun throwing stuff anywhere and everywhere. We enjoy eating paan , rajnigandha and we equally enjoy spitting the same on walls and roads. We love going to forts and tombs but its our habit to sign the  old walls with some of the cheesiest and sleaziest lines. ‘Delhi Metro’ is a sign of development and is a hard feat to achieve but it pains when I see the route maps inside the metro getting torn or despite of  the repeated announcements of ‘no eating & no drinking inside the metro, people are found munching ‘mungfalis’ during winters.  WHY?

Are we doing any good to the games or the city by doing all this or letting all this happen in front of us? Have we started using dustbins so that the city becomes cleaner or have we stopped spitting on the roads? Have we started using public transport instead of our cars so that the pollution levels go down in the city as was done in Beijing during the Olympics? How many of us are planning to volunteer for the games?  We as citizens of the country or to be precise as citizens of Delhi are doing nothing apart from complaining.

Government has increased VAT on various commodities and taking a lot of tax from the middle class. But in return government has given us low floor buses, BRT , flyovers etc. So we can at least help by keeping those roads and buses clean! This is the least we can do. With this hope I pray that CWG 2010 be a roaring success and there should be no IF’S attached to the games. They will Rock!!

P.S.- The questions I raise are very general and do not apply to the people of Delhi only.  In fact every citizen of this country should act responsibly . And  I don’t  feel that people should start acting in a civilised way because the games are around because there are simply no reasons to act in a civilised manner.


14 thoughts on “CWG 2010- What is the ‘common’ man doing?

  1. exctly sharma… i agree dat d habits of ppl cnt chnge overnight, bt v hv hd 7 yrs to wrk on it… d fact of d matter is dat ppl jst dnt care… they say dat they r proud k india is hosting d games… bt frankly speaking they jst dnt care… fr thm the cwg is just another event to brag about… nd not jst delhi yar… the whole country needs 2 understand d importance of keeping d nation well maintained.. cz frstly their money hs also bn used fr these developments in way of taxes n all… bt most importantly, d foreigners coming to watch the games wl go tour our nation… wat impression will they get??? ANd if sumhow the event doesnt go well… ppl will cmpltly n surely blame only n only d govt… nt fr a second wl they thnk wat wrng they did…
    khair ur article hs addressed this situaion quite well… nice wrk!!!


  2. Hmmmmmmmm………I must say well done…It is seriously need of hour to make ppl aware abt there duties …Its high time we stop screaming about RIGHTS n practice our duties!!!


  3. DUDE!! u write really well!! 😎
    though prank is charging u of plagiarism!! 😉
    The stuff is IDEALLY the RYT thing to do… But forget about tellin OTHERS… Do YOU do that… I know u water trees by the road!! 😀
    And I am sayin ds bcz I have made people undrstnd the importance of keepin the city clean.. from kids to youngsters to uncles to oldies!! DO THAT… dont just write to sound intellectual!!

    But if i didn’t know u.. i’d call it a real good piece… makes perfect sense!! I just wish the talk cud get into action… 😎

    cheers!! Keep bloggin!! *thumbs up*

    PS. no offences meant..


  4. ALryt!!
    It seems i got too carried away!!
    we’ve got that sorted!!
    so listen to him people…
    this man IS RIGHT!!



  5. Well..I have to compliment u wid this work here…one way or the other we have our views expressed and u have chosen a better way…and rightly said…Wat we really need is little bit of civic sense, from the inside.., starting from our own self…

    In near future, I do believe India is going to make a so called “progress” in every department,…but this one…hmmm…

    lets hope right message is delivered…
    AND RAHUL..keep up the good work…cheers..:)


  6. hey this is India yaar!!!!! They r known fr their uncivilized behaviour…!! infact d educated ppl lyk us dont behave as a civilized person… In urban cities pollution has always been a big challenge fr d govt… well Delhi govt has done a lot by d use f CNG buses n auto 2 control d pollution…hey even u learned 2 throw d wrappers in d dustbin… remembr sum1 taught u this…! As u said it s a responsibility f a common man 2 make his city CLEAN N GREEN!:-)
    n v ve seen d condition f garden near INDIA GATE! remembr…ppl coming fr picnic n left d plc untidy….this s d condition near INDIA GATE, so imagine dat wat kind f situation is prevailing in d rest f d city…really D SITUATION DEMANDS 2 CONTRIBUTE A LOT…
    a person has 2 clean his city , d way he keeps his house clean.. They ve 2 realize dat CITY BELONGS 2 THEM!!!….


  7. this article is really inspiring but i thnk we should all try n find sum way so that we cn educate more n more ppl abt dis as the blog cn be read by few ppl…. keep u d good wrk!!!!!!1


  8. Hey… Sharma… just as they say… “Punjabiayaan(multani bhi yaar…) da pyaar… Jhalak… Jhalak Ke aata hai…” ur love for Delhi… is huge… now… first things first – Great Blog… Second… What ??? How can one even expect… I mean its bisbostrious to think that – out of no wher the aam aadmi would jump out of the blue… and start behaving well… out of no where… Lets face it… The sequence of being civilized –

    1. Healthy Birth… It is of paramount Importance to have a stable mind… Unfortunately in india… many children are born malnouriushed !
    2. Literacy… Again a basic tool for framing of the ming… 1/3 of indians still illiterate.
    3. Education… Distinct from Literacy… A vehicle for conditioning of the mind… and social platablity… now here too… only 50% of indian children complete formal schooling till 10th standard…
    4. Employment… to hae a consistent income and raise a healthy and happy family….

    So… the Indian Aam Aadmi… who is faced with so many complex challanges… would rather care about surviving… and just existing… I’am sure you would appriciate the fact that… survival should be on somebody’s priority…

    Now… No doubt we have patriotic feelings… and events like the CWG – 2010… give us a chance to showcase our might & beautiful culture to the entire world… so its great that the govt. is doing things… but a comprehensive plan with a long term vision… is what we need… that would last not just 1 common wealth games… but an entire milenia… and make the citizens of India… Productive…


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