Kalyug to Satyug!

According to the Hindu scriptures, we all are living in a yug where avarice and wrath is common. Humans openly display animosity towards each other.  People  have thoughts of murder for no justification and they see nothing wrong with that mind-set.  Lust is viewed as socially acceptable, and sexual intercourse is seen as the central requirement of life. Sin has increased exponentially, whilst virtue has faded. People take vows only to break them soon after. And this yug is called ‘KALYUG’ or the age of vice.

But have we ever thought that why all these vices exist around us? Where do they originate from? Many blame it on poor Pandora and her box of troubles! Had she not opened the box everything would have been just perfect but by saying that aren’t we closing our ‘brain’ box? How much can we blame it on others? When will we learn to accept our mistakes ? If we can take credit for all the good things around us and inside us then why not take the responsibility of things which are not ‘so good’? Is it that difficult?

Kalyug is not a concept which is ‘religion-made’. In fact its a mirror! Mirror which shows that there is so much wrong happening around us and we are just happy cursing the same as a spectator!  We see a group of goons teasing a girl, but we walk away thinking its none of our business and with this, we let a vice grow in the society! Why allow bad to take over when we have so much good to offer? Why always crib about things? We feel angry and helpless if somebody lies to us but if a lie benefits us then we are okay with it. Why have these double standards?

Mark Twain rightly said One mustn’t criticize other people on grounds where he can’t stand perpendicular himself So be the change yourself. No one in this world can understand you the way you understand yourself. We all know where we excel and where we lack? What are our good habits and what are the bad one’s. So why not try and make ourselves a better person, a better human being who would be loved by God? Why not start telling the truth if we lie? Why not stop criticising if  we can’t appreciate also?  These small changes will make way for a big change around us!


So lets not sit back and enjoy this ‘kalyug’. Because I strongly believe that it is in our own hands to make this Kalyug change into a SATYUG! If we want we can win over anything and everything. Lets take a pledge that everyday we will try and do our bit so that the world around us is a better place to live in where there is just purity and serenity. Why not close the box that Pandora opened ages ago? Or, Why not force all the evils to go back into the box again so that the world around us is just full of positive energy and optimism!

I would like to end this post by quoting a line from ‘The Bhagwad Gita”:

Lord Krishna says  : How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.


13 thoughts on “Kalyug to Satyug!

  1. Hmmm… Really thoughtful sharma…. bt u knw wat??? it wl tk ages fr ppl 2 chng their mindset… abi they are so used 2 blaming everythn on others n sitting bk 2 njoy that they wont tk d trouble of chngng it… khair… a really wndrful article… gr8 wrk…


  2. Nice ….grt thoughts…agree wid u completely…its high tym we stop blaming “yug” for our deeds….!! Concept of yug is just another self created illusion of society…n that too for its own selfish motive…..lets just get out of it n focus on …KARMA!!!


  3. Oh maaan….

    Toooo good…. Well… Actually… why not force all evils into a box & topple it in the sea… or better burn it all… but then again… each one would have ta burn their own box of ills… and lets just say… I’ll try and do mine… 😉

    God…. never knew u had so much to say… and so differnt too… Very Refreshing…


  4. hmmm…
    I have a lot to say about this.. But first, gud thinking.. I wish more people read this stuff..
    And from where i see, kalyug is still far.. 9 saal ki bachchi nani ni bani na ab tk… lol!!
    But on a serious note, its in the way we grow our kids here in india that these things are always on the rise.. simply said, its ok for boys to pee on the road but its not ok for gals.. its ok for boys to have galfrnz, gals cnt hv boyfrnz.. we tell our gals to be careful of guys who try n use them, when we r breeding THAT kind of a guy in our own home.. boy losing virginity is no problem, gal losing virginity is a KALANK…. Sexual desires were always considered natural.. but the difference is that d DEVDASIS r better known as PROSTS now.. the respected gender has become a toy now.. I m very sensitive to feminist issues so cant really help commenting on this point that u made… the mothers need to change if they want women to improve.. vahi adha kalyug khatam ho jaega..
    And next if we understand the reasons for which regions n religions were made, toh samajh lo dwapar yug a gya..
    iske baad hum andhvishwas ki jagah andha vishwas krna seekhe toh apne ap satyug will b created..
    but ofcrse, in this too, only the fittest wud survive.. ther will be destruction before that creation.. struggle for existence.. thats kalyug!! inevitable before satyug to exist..


  5. Nice post sharma !!! but today we are infected with selfishness and hatred ; the truth does not exists , the minds of people is absorbed in falsehood and the only way to change this yug to the one we have only heard of (i.e satyug) is stop preaching and start practicing selflessness, kindness, compassion and peace. And i Hope we will be able to force all the evils to go back into the box again …


  6. Very good thinking indeed! I like the way you develop it and construct a whole argument. Keep it up.

    Just one dissenting note. I think ‘good’ not the domain of only god only, and “evil” is not the domain of satan only. Religion, me thinks, is not the basis of good, it rather has done wrong to humanity and human race. Whatever good exists, or has existed, was / is possible without the notion of “god”.

    So, making yourself leaning towards “good” and using god as incentive is I think un-necessary. Good Karma I think is beyond popular notions of morality.

    On the general theme of your post, I do agree! 🙂


  7. Does anyone know how far into Kalyug we are??
    It has been written that Kalyug will ‘end’ in 2012 but how many years of it have we already lived through?


  8. Hey Guys, I read this whole article and also read your views.
    And I m happy that still good people with good thought are still exist in the world.

    I am just want to give the reply of the question asked by the Komal and Neha.
    Komal’s question: Does anyone know how far into Kalyug we are?

    As I know, Kalyug will be end when 5yrs grl become grandmother.
    The average age of manking will be 25 to 30 yrs.
    And Lord bishnu take birth in Punjab in a poor family.
    The name of the legend that will born is “KALKI”.
    He will change the world and Make Kalyug again to disappear.
    This will take 90 to 200 yrs more according to my calculation.

    So chill upto that time.

    Now I would like to say about Neha’s question.
    The question was : is good young children died ?

    According to DharmVedas, All manking will be died.
    Good people will take birth in Satyug and people will send to Narak (hell) where they get their fruits of bad sins.

    So Lastly I would like to say that speak with me : Jai shiv Shankar
    Jai mahadev, Jai Shree Raam.

    Paap Ka Vinash ho.
    Punay ka Satkaar ho.
    Paapiyo ko sajja mile.
    Punywano ko parmatma.


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