DELHI- The capital city of our country India!  But for me the city has been the capital of some of the most memorable moments of my life which am sure won’t come back!

 2006- When i came to Delhi it was just another city for me where i had umpteenth number of relatives staying. But as I started exploring the city, the city made me fall in love with it. I don’t know if it was the Mughal architecture around the city, the punjabi culture, the mouth watering chaat, the uber cool youngsters of the city or the carefree attitude of people , that made me fall in love with the city!

It is said ‘Dilli-Dilwallon ki’! And after staying in the city for 4 years I can say its undoubtedly true! The people of Delhi contrary to the normal belief are very warm and helpful. If you are new in the city and you don’t know the roads, don’t worry! you ask one and there will be ten more to help you out. You are always welcomed in the city with open hearts and you are always at home 🙂

The young crowd in delhi is one of the coolest & sexiest. The gals have loads of attitude and that is something to die for!! Sophistication, class, grace and elegance – they have it all! Infact Delhi is one of the cities which is high on fashion with two of the biggest fashion weeks being held here yearly. I have to admit the city groomed me like anything. I was a simple guy from Jaipur but the city made me ‘smart’! 

The city made me mature. The city made me confident. The city made me brave. The city made me what I AM TODAY!  The fast paced life where everyone is busy with something or the other you have to make a way for yourself –  Make your way into the crowded DTC and Blueline buses, in the delhi metro, into the narrow lanes of old delhi, into the flee shops at janpath or sarojini.. everywhere!!  But it surely creates a MAN out of the boy and trust me all the sweat lost is worth it.

Delhi’s slang language is something which is ‘tod’! 😉 You will come across cheap, crass and crude words which are a part of Delhi’s young crowd. Jhand, Tod, Chudap, Bakchodi, Tota, Pataka are some of the examples. And trust me if somebody calls you by these names just chill!! Its fun and normal out there 😀

Coming to the beauty part of it.. it has everything that you can ask for. The Mughal Forts, Tombs, Temples, Churches, Rashtrapati bhavan, Lutyen’s Delhi and much much more. It was here in this city where Pandavas ruled and it was here where the Mughals ruled. HISTORY is Delhi and Delhi is HISTORY!  A walk through the crowded and dusty lanes of dilli-6 with Red fort, Jama Masjid standing tall makes one delve into the mughal era. Connaught Place is where the heart of delhi is! It has nothing but has everything.. This part of delhi with its flee markets like janpath, palika bazaar and the whole hustle & bustle of the area is something which makes this part lively. With famous outlets like Keventers, Madras Coffee House, Sravanabhavan there is ample to satisfy your taste buds. So a trip toC.P. is must. 

A walk through Raj path in the evening with India Gate at one end & the Rashtrapati Bhavan at the other, patriotism just comes out naturally and according to me its the most beautiful place in Delhi. Culturally, Delhi is multi-cultural. You have people of all religions and regions living here peacefully, though Punjabi’s and Sikhs form a larger part with muslims dominating the old city.

Last but not the least the Delhi Metro! Aahhhh… it is the best thing that the people can get in the traffic which is ever increasing. My innumerable trips in the Metro remain a special memory. Metro made my trips from Noida so so easier that i explored the city at ease.

Words are not enough to describe what makes Delhi  special for me. Delhi gave me 4 very very beautiful years of my life which were made perfect with some of the great people in my life- My F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!! It was all because of them and I am nothing without them.

I would like to sum it up by writing down lines from the movie delhi-6

“Iske baaye taraf bhi dil hai,

Iske daaye taraf bhi dil hai.

Yeh shehar nahin mehfil hai!!”

Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar.. Bas ISHQ, MOHABBAT, PYARRRR!!!


28 thoughts on “DELHI

  1. Dear Rahul,

    Thanks for a straight-from-the-heart account of Delhi! Its refreshing and has made me nostalgic about Delhi. Reading this, one cant resist the urge to fly out to Delhi right away!
    Thanks again, its lovely reading it. 🙂


  2. Dude… its a really gud frst attempt… mst say… U made me feel really really nostalgic… nd ya dnt frgt wat d nxt topic shud b!! 😉


  3. hey nice attempt yaar!!:-) U ve written it nicely…seriously dilli dil me rehti hai..!
    HEY fr me the CITY IS INCOMPLETE WIDOUT MY FRIENDS..;-) loved d 4 years of lyf spent at this wonderful place..!
    well madras coffee house is not good, Indian coffee house s way better than dat… If a person s living in delhi then he can c d various cultural fests organised in kamani audi…r dilli haat…
    n dude! U ve still not been 2 place slyk- pallika bazar n jama masjid…lolz..ur love fr d city will definetly bring u bk n u’ll visit these places…


  4. Beautifully written..even if someone has never been here, this will take them through it all.
    Love Delhi and proud to be a Delhiite 🙂

    Great work Rahul



  5. AMAZING !!! I don’t have words rahul, you have written it so beautifully ! and yup its more nostalgic than yesterday’s “mahi way.” 🙂 and yup me too waiting for the next post !!!


  6. AMAZING !!! I don’t have words rahul, you have written it so beautifully ! and yup its more nostalgic than yesterday’s “mahi way.” 🙂


  7. Well… This again… I just can’t brush aside… with my amush of hyderabadi love(which is umpteen)…. to just say…. Delhi is truly pulsating… with lots of fanfare…. and sharma… you HAVE done justice towards ur love for this wonderful… vivacious… and lovable city…

    Okay I know half my frnds might get into coma for this…. Delhi… Love u lots… Missin u lots…


  8. gr8 yaar………. i knew that u r very good in speakin bt in writting!……. u r really ingenious……. well done man…
    keep it up dhondhu….
    i expect something which make India move and realise people abt their responsbility…..


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